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Who just made it to 10k? No other than... flutherother!

Asked by MilkyWay (13723points) June 7th, 2011

Congratulations flutherother!! :D
Love you ♥
Here, I got some stardust for you…

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Congratulations @flutherother You did like no other!!!!!

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Congratulations flutherother!

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Congratulations!! :D

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Welcome to the mansion, you kind and clever jelly! I admire your vast knowledge base and giggle at your moments of silliness.

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woot woot! Party time! If you’re flutherother, were one another fluther once upon a time?

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Congrats flutherother, be you a sister or a brother! :-D

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Congratulations! If it ain’t one thing, it’s flutheronother!

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Way to go!

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Congrats on 10K to you, our @flutherother, from another jelly mother!

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Yea @flutherother! Welcome to the mansion. Parties in every room, bar is out by the pool.

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What can I say other than “Congratulations!” to Flutherother.

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Congrats on the 10 Grand!! Great work from day 1!

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Yay!! Congrats!

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Great Googlie Wooglie! Welcome, friend!
You are a terrific contributer, and obviously correctly valued by the jellies here!
Congo Rats!

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Congrats on 10k, flutherother! A worthy and deserved achievement. :-)

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Outstanding. Always a winner!

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Wow, @flutherother, 10 thousand lurve deserves ten thousand congrats so here goes…1 congrats, 2 congrats, 3 congrats, 4 congrats, 5 congrats, 6 congrats, 7 congrats, 8 congrats, 9 congrats, 10 congrats, 11 congrats, 12 congrats, 13 congrats, 14 congrats, 15 congrats, 16 congrats, 17 congrats, 18 congrats, 19 congrats, 20 congrats, 21 congrats, 22 congrats, 23 congrats, 24 congrats, 25 congrats, 26 congrats, 27 congrats, 28 congrats, 29 congrats, 30 congrats, 31 congrats, 32 congrats, 33 congrats, 34 congrats, 35 congrats, 36 congrats, 37 congrats, 38 congrats, 39, congrats, 40 congrats, 41 congrats, 42 congrats, 43 congrats…

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Congratulations! Enjoy the mansion!

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Woooo hoooo! You are in the mansion just grow your hedges so I won’t have to see it and get and get jealous because it is so nice Hip, hip hurray!

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44 congrats, 45 congrats, 46 congrats, 47 congrats, 48 congrats, 49 congrats, 50 congrats, 51 congrats, 52 congrats, 53 congrats, 54 congrats, 55 congrats, 56 congrats, 57 congrats, 58 congrats, 59 congrats, 60 congrats, 61 congrats, 62 congrats, 63 congrats, 64 congrats, 65 congrats, 66 congrats, 67 congrats, 68 congrats, 69 congrats, 70 congrats, 71 congrats, 72 congrats, 73 congrats, 74 congrats, 75 congrats, 76 congrats, 77 congrats, 78 congrats, 79 congrats, 80 congrats, 81 congrats, 82 congrats, 83 congrats, 84 congrats, 85 congrats, 86 congrats, 87 congrats, 88 congrats, 89 congrats, 90 congrats, 91 congrats, 92 congrats, 93 congrats, 94 congrats, 95 congrats, 96 congrats…( ok time for a pee break. I’ll be back )

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Ha, looking up @Judi said woot woot first. I’m so unoriginal, but it did feel like the best thing to say.

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@everephebe Ooops, that was meant for @mazingerz88 :-/

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93 CONGRATS, 94 CONGRATS, 95 CONGRATS, 96 CONGRATS, 97 CONTRATS, 98 CONGRATS, 99 CONGRATS, heck! 100 X 10 cheers for you…\o/ \o/ \o/. Way to go.

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Congrats!!! 10k yay!!!

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@AmWiser Thanks for finishing up and saving my fingers. I need them to pleasure myself later. For now, I’m raising my thumb up to @flutherother milestone achievement! : )

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congrats. hope you find a room

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Congratulations, @flutherother! Great work!

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@flutherother Congratulations, you conglomeration of broken down stars. You’re in the mansion now, as you most certainly deserve to be. And you’re my very favorite Kanji here on Fluther

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Ok, step aside, step aside everyone. Do not crowd @flutherother! Let her walk down the aisle and step into her awesome pair of high heeled slippers with feather fuzzies on the front. Then let her slip into her luxurious robe made of soft, soft, soft stuff and let her luxuriate in her luxuriousness. @flutherother, do not be alarmed by the seemingly endless massaging fingers inside your robe. They are the simulated fingers of all of the jellies. Please accept your complimentary one gallon jar of Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread whilst we whisk you away to the shower of love, before you make your debut. And our sincerest thanks for giving us so many questions that spanned the spectrum of awesomeness! Oh, and try not to trip over those little apricot poodles, we have an entire herd of them that will carry you effortlessly to your room. Listen, quietly and you can hear them coming for you: clickety, clickety, clickety, clickety, khaaaack!...

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Well, as they ask on Sesame Street:

Which of these things is not like the other?

Why that would be @flutherother of course. A Jelly among the Jellies. A Fluther like no other. The first time I caught sight of your SN I thought to myself, huh ?????

But you are definitely an original. Like no other. Congrats on the 10K accomplishment.

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Och aye, a well deserved trip to the mansion for you laddie. There’ll a wee dram of scotch waiting and a slice or two of haggis. Stay away from the deep fried mars bars and stick to the tipsy laird (I made it myself). Congrats from one of the sassenach jellies.

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Welcome home, Your Otherness!

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All right! Congratulations!

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Someone mention haggis? I am outta here, I am going back to my dump. A cold burger and flat root beer still beats haggis :-P

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That’s a whole ‘nother fluther! Congrats!

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Crack open the irn bru!

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Congratulations! May flutherother earn another 10k!

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Mazel tov @flutherother! I don’t know much about you except that I enjoy what you have to say.

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Sorry for coming fashionably late to the party! Computer was down with a virus. Welcome to the Mansion!

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@jca Welcome Back ;)

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@jca I know my mansions is a dump and has only one working toilet but bring back my t-paper. After a long hiatus I know you have shopping left to do but…. LOL LOL

Did you see? They gave @flutherother a slate pool table in the billard room, shoot a rack? It is to die for!

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Thank you everyone for your kind remarks. It is a pleasure to have met you all. Sorry for this delayed response I only just noticed this thread. (^^Busy playing billiards^^)

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