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How much is a person's likeness in food based off of texture?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) April 26th, 2008

Ex: If a person likes chips and salsa, how much of that is based off of the crunchiness of the chips, as supposed to the actual taste.

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Thats a pretty interesting question! I know that when I personally am eating something cruchy I like it a lot less if it becomes soggy. Also, I refuse to eat somthings if they become mixed because of some ofthe strange, mushy, slimy textures.

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Texture, to me, is the most important thing. That’s why I love sushi so much—it’s a celebration of texture.

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My brother’s girlfriend absolutely hates any sort of soggy bread. She has to toast everything so that it doesn’t soak up and mayonnaise, etc. It just got me thinkin’...

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Texture is everything! We only taste 5 taste so lack of texture in food would make it so boring.

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I don’t care much about the texture really, but I have a friend who refuses to eat things like strawberries or blueberries because of their texture. There are a lot of things she won’t eat but those are two that came to mind.

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