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Emotional highs: Is this an example of self-love?

Asked by Blueroses (18236points) June 9th, 2011

You know the elated feeling you get when you nail or ace an interview or a test? It’s similar to the feeling of falling in love.

Is it self-love? Are you really impressed with what a fabulous creature you are? Do love and a burst of self confidence trigger the same brain chemicals?

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We Brits are often portrayed as a stoic lot, quick to moan at our shortfalls & reluctant to big ourselves up. Not me sister, if there’s a valid oppurtunity to look at myself in the mirror & say “You know what? I’m fucking awesome & i’m so damn proud of myself!” Then you better believe i’m going to take it.
Oh & yeah, I agree with your premise, naturally.

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I have been known to pat myself on the back “atta boy” and give me a big bear hug for a job well done! I will even take myself out to dinner to celebrate a big deal I nailed!

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I think it’s more about simply being happy about the positive outcome.

Heh heh.

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I think it’s essential to feel proud of yourself to boost your self-esteem. :)

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Sure, why not?

‘Healthy’ self love ( healthy narcissism) is, well, healthy!

Having confidence in yourself, a healthy and reality based knowledge and acceptance of both your strengths and weaknesses, championing the good and accepting/changing the weaker side of yourself is a good thing.

Being arrogant, dismissive, or grandiose towards others, needing lots of attention/strokes for your ‘greatness’, and in general, feeling ‘better than’, is unhealthy and falls on the pathological side of self love.

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So you all get my drift. It isn’t egoism, it’s a rush of positivity that makes you feel you can turn the world on with your smile! :-)

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Yes, because you CAN! :-D

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What @ucme said. Spot on.

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I think so.

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@Blueroses I would posit that it is egoism, but egoism isn’t the problem, it’s having too much egoism (or as is more often the case, having too little egoism so all your efforts are spent trying to boost that little bit, so that you come across as having a giant ego). This I would call a very healthy dose of egoism; the level of ego one is supposed to have.

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Oxytocin is released by many things.
Great interview, aced test, love, breast feeding, puppies, sport activities, touching all release this.

A round of Oxytocin for everyone in the house!!!!!!

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Awesome @blueiiznh that’s exactly what I was looking for. Let’s hear it for Oxy high!

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Self love is a New Age term for Pride.
They had to change the name, because…
The Political Church and to an extent the government, have determined that pride is a vice. Of course that is bullshit. If you accomplish something, thus proving your self worth, it is normal and healthy to be gratified. It contributes to your survival. It is only sensible that evolution would reward you for your success.
It is only the stupid, lazy and indifferent, who never experience this, but who intuitively know that it exists, who question it’s importance, or worse, attempt to punish those who strive for it. That is why the successful are tormented by the tax hungry State or condemned by an oppressive Church.

But yes, it is impressive. A real attention getter. And it creates an irresistable drive to experience it again and again.

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It is also the reason why power hungry politicians are, in truth, the new Slave Masters. If they can create a helpless underclass by destroying the family unit among the poor, and by ruining public education, they will produce a defeated culture without hope, no different than what happens to lifers in prison. Then they have a permanent voting constituency of people who have no idea of what pride ( or self love) is. Because they have never been allowed to achieve it.

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