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How do you plan your day?

Asked by flutherother (29360points) June 9th, 2011

Do you plan in advance, or do you plan it mostly on the day or maybe you don’t plan at all and take it as it comes. Do you keep a list of things you have to do, or a list of people you have to see or a list of things you want to do? How do you arrange your day?

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I like to get a workout in there (go for a jog or do some Budokon), but, other than work, I am pretty spontaneous.

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I only plan it in detail if I have a lot going on.

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I rarely plan. I tend to be more spontaneous.

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I only plan less than 3 days in advance.

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I do both. I plan stuff well ahead of time, and I also plan in the morning. Of course life is spontaneous, so some aspects of every day are spontaneous… but I try to have a rough outline of what I want to/plan to do.

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I never do. Only when I have school days.

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If as a family or a couple we need to go somewhere or get something done, we plan, otherwise my personal life is fairly spontaneous.

With my work life it is very planned. I make sure I use my diary carefully and I have lists of things I need to accomplish and I keep updating them and adding to them. I also have lists of longer terms, short goals and long term goals so I can keep on track.

I don’t want my personal life to be structured really though.

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I do both. I plan so I have a list of priorities.
The reality is that I have to deal with my day on the term that it is thrown at me.
Some days are productive, some days downright go backwards.
If I don’t plan my work activities, I would not do myself or people I am responsible to any good at all.
I certainly need to plan the house side as being very active does come with conflict. If I dont plan it, I won’t know how to deal with the contention.
Weekends I certain have some space and time to do spontanous things.
Vacations are my time to simply unwind and do whatever…...

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I have started a weekly plan. Each week I write down what needs to be done on each day, and try to knock things off the list. Things that don’t come off the days list are circled and moved to other days/weeks.

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I don’t, really. Most of my week days are the same, it’s like it’s all been planned out already. Weekends not so much, but unless there’s something specific to do, I mostly just plan to sleep in.

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Not at all. I can be pretty organized when it’s really necessary. My monotonous lifestyle won’t require any plans.

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