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Why is everyone asking these questions?

Asked by guesswho (133points) April 26th, 2008 from iPhone

some of these questions need to be directed somewhere else… Google, yahoo, maybe…. But c’mon guys. If this makes you angry or makes a switch flip in your mind- please respond! I would like to know everyones opinion, and see if I’m the only one who gets on fluther and says” what!?”

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Why do you ask this then?

Just ignore them, or flag them. Things will get better, just as the digg-influx.

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I agree with klaas and to be honest, almost get the feeling you’re trying to get a group rant going with this thread…...appealing to anger? Why not exercise your freedom to read or not, to respond or not and to flag or not.

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I don’t have a problem with the questions being asked. Everyones interest will and should not be the same. But thats what makes for interesting reading sometimes. If you’re not interested in a topic, just skip it.

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Yay, 800 stars!

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Mods redirect officially. If I get exercised enough, I might send a private comment. One of the problems is that some clever-clogs, for whatever reasons, pose their questions (and tags) in a misleading manner. And whenever there is a wave of newcomers, they often don’t read the Guidelines or choose to ignore them. Often I find some of the answers are predictable, repetitive, uninteresting and written in languages (purporting to be English) that I often don’t understand.

When I flag, I sent a comment about my personal reaction.

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why flag people?

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Flagging helps the moderation team to keep an eye on troublesome users and situations. It’s particularly helpful with spam, as some of it is done so ‘well’ that is blends in.

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Is flagging one of those things that can be done on a computer and not an iPhone?

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That’s the case, for the moment.

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If anything, Im not trying to start a ” rant ”.
I’m just curious! I have an I phone, so I use the iPhone version. I didnt even know what flagging was, or wonder about it until now. Yes, I was a bit upset when I wrote that question bcuz I don’t get on a lot due to other intrests in my life right now.
It is dissapointing to see , as galliecalled said, the same question or type of question being repeated a lot.
I just figured my question would make people think a little about what they are asking. I made a mistake.

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Don’t take the derailment the wrong way, you made a very good point. The reality is it’s hard to control the questions people are asking.

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