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What are the top easy fixers (one click or so) re. computers?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 11th, 2011

Outside the Function keys, I mean.
-clicking “refresh”
-closing a tab/window in order to end the “kind of freezing”. What do you call it when you get the hourglass on the screen but it allows you to close a tab/window which ends the freezing. Normally freezing forces you to reboot, right?

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(Edited)The reason I’m asking this is there is one of the computers I use, refuses to let the menu of answerers to a question show up after I type the ”@”. Also there would be no text below the dialog box/answer box. Or if I’m typing a question there is not text at the right top of the screen. It only happens with one computer. So has this happened to you? And is there anything that could be clicked to solve it?

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The escape key sometimes works

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@jaytkay is the computer showing signs of old age?

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Did you try CTR_ALT_DELETE, that sometimes ushers a stubborn program on. Or you can open task manager and try shutting down the sticking program.

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@flo It can be old in the sense that as time goes by, you install more software and your software updates itself and you have more chances of getting conflicts and bugs & such.

Without sitting down at your computer all I can say is
1) Install Malwarebytes and run a scan an let it delete whatever it wants
2) Install an antivirus (Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty good and unobtrusive) and run a scan an let it delete whatever it wants
3) Go to Control Panel -> Programs (or it might be Add Remove Programs) and remove things you know you don’t use. If you aren’t sure, leave them


Microsoft Security Essentials

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Thank you, I will just make sure I’wont need to use that computer.

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