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Is there a way I can back out of the Army if I haven't left yet ?

Asked by EtherRoom (381points) June 13th, 2011

Is there any possible way I can not go to Army boot camp, after I swore in ? Is there any way I can leave after boot camp ? I’m scheduled to leave in 2 months. I’m female. If I get pregnant will that disqualify me to leave for boot camp ? What about if I get pregnant after boot camp ? Does anyone know?

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I would suggest that you speak to your recruitment officer.

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I will but this is the first place I came to. Thanks.

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After you’ve sworn in, you are a part of the United States Military.

If you choose to leave at this point, you will be dishonorably discharged.

If you, as a female, are pregnant, and a single mother, you are disqualified as a legitimate recruit.

Talk to your recruiting officer, it will not be good news.

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“Your in the ARMY Now” as the song goes. You should talk to the recruiter but I don’t think you’ll get a, “Okay you’re out” and a dishonorable discharge will block you forever from getting a job in the general employment of most companies that have Federal contact.

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I know two people who went through medical, were sworn in, but did not go as planned. One got injured and was delayed 5 months. The other accidentally discovered he was allergic to bananas. Both wanted to go and were devastated
Every recruit has second thoughts. Please don’t bring a child into the is world for the wrong reason.

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Even if you get pregnant after boot camp they do not have to let you out, they can hold you to the contract you signed. Usually they will let you out, but not always.

Best bet is to talk to the recuiter.

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If you were to get pregnant before going to basic, you might be able to get out of the Army if you wanted to. If you got pregnant and want to stay in, they would just delay when you went to basic training and you’d have to make a family care plan. Please do not get pregnant just to get out of the military.

Talk to your recruiter if you really want out, they know what you oath you have already taken and what the plan is. A lot of it will depend on exactly how far into things you are (as in if you swore in to the delayed entry program, if you already have orders on paper to go to basic training, etc.).

Also, think about why you have changed your mind at this point. Obviously something made you want to join, will you regret the decision to back out now later on?

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Cold feet? Why? What’s changed?

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Yeah really, why the sudden change of heart? It’s not a bad life if you halfway try. You made an agreement to serve and can’t back out now. that’s not how it works. Just go you will be fine.

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I had 34 years in the Army in one form or another. Best decision I ever made!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll help you in whatever way I can. : ))

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Do me a favor and don’t have a child to get out of a commitment you’ve made. I wouldn’t call it the absolute best way to bring a child into the world.

If that’s what is truly going on here, be a little self sacrificing and just break a knee or something.

Also, going in to the armed forces is a HUGE deal. I give you kudos to go through with the first steps in the process and strongly urge you to continue. I can totally understand your cold feet, and I get nervous for you just think about it! But please reconsider. I know so many people who served the military for the best country on this planet, and they wouldn’t trade their experience in the force for anything! Think, if you can do this, you can do ANYTHING!

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One other thing to consider, the army only wants you for a few years. A child is a lifetime commitment with no way to break the contract.

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Thanks guys – No I’m not pregnant and no I’m not backing out! I was nervous and had this random thought… I know I made the right decision to go in. I got a really good job also, that a lot of people wish they had in the Army.. I’m very happy to be going, I think when I posted this question I was just getting nervous and afraid of actually leaving. Thanks for the concerns though :) I won’t be having a baby or backing out now

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@WestRiverrat – Yes you’re right.

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