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What is the average Salary for a Truck Driver?

Asked by EchozEn107 (34points) June 13th, 2011

The average salary for a truck driver that carries walmart products to a walmart in a different state. Or carries logs to a construction site?

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It varies widely: Total Pay $27,515 – $62,779


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It varies widely by location and employer. Most drivers get paid by the mile $.25 – $.45, plus load/unload time and per diem. Then there are the different endorsements you have for your CDL: Hazardous Materials, Flatbed, Tanker, Double or Triple trailer. Each of those endorsements adds to your pay.

If you’re working steadily, 4–6 days out per week, you could earn $500—$1200 each week depending on your load, your experience and your endorsements.

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