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Has loss ever brought you happiness?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) June 13th, 2011

What did you lose that brought you happiness?

Losing our home brought us happiness. Never thought it would, but it did. We are now out from under that dump. We are free to go wherever we want. It’s a good feeling.

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Hell yes!
Divorcing my ex after years of an unhappy situation. I never knew how happy I could be. lol

I LOVE my freedom and I LOVE my house that I have set up just for me!

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I can’t think of one thing.

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I just gave up on a dream I have had held on to for almost 2 years and doing that has been quite liberating.

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I suffered financial loss. The changes brought a career change for my husband and eventual happiness for both of us. It was a good thing disguised as a bad thing.

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The death of my father helped end a toxic relationship with my mother. I wouldn’t say ‘happy’ is appropriate, but ‘free’ for sure.

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Losing my first wife to another man was the best thing that ever happened to me! : D

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Losing a job that made me miserable let me find a job with a great boss and great freedom.

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Sometimes I think fear of loss is worse than loss itself. Thank you all for the replies.

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Yes,it certainly has :)

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My first marriage ended very painfully thirty-five years ago. Man, did I ever dodge a bullet. And for years I thought I had been nearly killed by that – not so.

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Whoa…major insight, and, so TRUE!

It IS all in our heads!

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Me too, bro! Me too!

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Losing the “love of my life” when I was 27 to another guy. If that did not happen I would not have known she was not really in love with me. Which was a good thing since from that realization I was able to move on.

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Not yet; my mother-in-law is still alive!

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I had a pair of glasses I lost .. I felt terrible but after seeing a picture with them on I was glad they were lost or I would have break them myself.

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Losing about 25 pounds of excess weight brought me some happiness in 1975.

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Losing my virginity made me very happy….very happy indeed!

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yeah! When I loosed anger, it really helped me feel satisfied and happy.

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No… losing my golden retriever dog brought me so much pain… main reason is I was 9 hours away with plane. I wasn’t there for him. I didn’t know what happened until 4 months later because my parents hid it from me.. I didn’t get to say goodbye. and he was EVERYTHING TO ME. more than that… he was with me from 7 to 18…

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Losing 70 pounds made me happy. I wonder if I would be ecstatic if I lost the other 30?

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When my grandfather died the abuse I had suffered for years as a child was over. It didn’t feel like a loss to me but for the rest of my family, who didn’t know what he was doing to me, it was a hard time.

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Not happiness but relief.

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