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How much decadence and wickedness lies in yourself ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 16th, 2011

Since most of you like to talk about morality and there are a lot of ways that this can be interpreted discuss about it.

Decadence is mostly a luxurious self-indulgence.
Wickedness is something evil by nature and in practice and usually highly offensive.

So how do you see yourself?
Are you decadent or wicked?
If not maybe sometimes these lurk inside you.

In any case discuss a bit if you want.

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To the norm the masses have seem to set, I appear extremely decadent and wicked sometimes and sometimes the polar opposite

I am just someone who marches to their own drum.

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I am more decadent than evil…but there are times when I will take the broom out for a spin. ;)

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I’ve experienced so many of my sides, I don’t think I could pin one down as ‘who I am’. I’ve been wise and benevolent; I’ve been ignorant and selfish. There is no limit to how far I can take any aspect of my being. Who I am now though, would never allow such frivolousness.

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Decadence is decay of social institutions or norms. I am not decaying yet.
Wicked sounds like something having to do with witches. I am not one of those.
I suppose once I had a mean streak, but I used it up when I was younger.
So the answer is not much.

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I’m more decadent than wicked but adept at both. It’s a conscious choice on my part not to exercise my black arts, I’m that good at them~.

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At the stroke of midnight I grow horns and fur.

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@FutureMemory: Seriously? How do you rate, I only grow fur. :(

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I am neither decadent nor wicked.

I have, however, eaten some wicked-good chocolate chip cookies that were truly decadent.

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Not enough of either.

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Very little, if any, wickedness. I can be a bit decadent.

My son came in a few months back, and said “Have you seen this completely sick thing on the internet? (thinks for a moment) Well, of course you have…”

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@Hibernate, I don’t believe in the mythologies of “wickedness” or “evil”
I do believe in ignorance. Ignorance causes logical fallacy. logical fallacy = shitty.

How much ignorance is in me? I guess I wouldn’t be able to tell unless I wasn’t truly ignorant of it. I typically try hard not to be ignorant of anything that seems important.

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I have my hedonistic side, part of my enthusiast personality type. I am very orally inclined, haha, like to talk, eat, drink, laugh, sing, and in general drink in life.

Wickedness…zip, zilch, zero, infact, my standards of integrity have lent themselves to letting more than a few go in my life in the last decade.

Better to over indulge in cheesecake and champagne than be a hypocrite and a liar.

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I do not consider myself decadent or wicked. Everything I do is done with the best intentions. I seek to be happy and I seek to love others—my wife and my children.

My own happiness is problematic. Psychological issues. Sometimes I do things to try to make myself happy that most people would consider to be both wicked and decadent. I don’t see it that way. I am at odds with social convention of these issues and that is a problem because it makes it much harder for me to do the things what make me happy, but will not hurt anyone else if noone else finds out about it.

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Neither, I am Italian and Scandinavian.

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I’m certainly not decadent, I tend to put others before me & lavish them more than I would myself.. But get on the wrong side of me & I can become a right nasty bastard….. No holds barred. :-/ I’m really a placid guy for the most part but will bite back stronger when provoked…….

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A bit of both but not really a lot

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I am not decadent & I am not evil. However, I am a realist, & I know that many people have latent tendencies for both of these proclivities. Usually, people will not behave in either manner, but being a realist – you must always be aware that it can happen.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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I’m a little decadent but I don’t think that I have evil inside me. Like decadence, evil is man made so a person can choose to be both or abstain from either. I prefer an occasional decadent moment.

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Lots of decadence… no evil.

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Right now I’m having a slice of my own decadent…roll. But evil? Come on, am I truly that way. No way, Jose.

Sorry, Jose. If your out there.

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There is neither decadence or wickedness in my life because I refuse to judge or be judged by others… (except for pineapple upside down cake)

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still none

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