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International Jellies, can you direct me to some radio stations that play music from your country and not predominantly American music?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21472points) June 17th, 2011

So, I have just gotten a new iPod Touch and one of the apps I have is a radio app that lets me listen to almost any radio station in the world. I have been cruising around listening to the radio trying to find some interesting non-American music. I have been mostly cruising through the pop music and rock stations because I want to hear some pop music from other countries but, except for Japan, it seems that every popular music station I listen to just plays American pop music.

So, non-American Jellies, can you suggest some radio stations that you listen to that plays music from your country and not just American pop music?

Interestingly enough, as I’m writing this question, the Scottish station I’m listening to is playing a Scottish song, thus invalidating the question. ;)

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@Mamradpivo: Just listened to that for about 20 minutes. I love it!

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Radio Leipzig plays some German and European pop as well as American.

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I quite enjoy listening to Radio 1

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You could try Celtic Radio which broadcasts from sunny Glasgow.

@Mamradpivo I am listening to your station now. It is great!! :-)

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triple J! australia

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When I was in Qu├ębec, I was awed by the completely different radio stations. To think this is all only 8 hours north of NYC!

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BBC Radio 6 ( is very good – modern and old, with an aleternative-indie bent…

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kiwi fm exclusively Kiwi (NZ) music.

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