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I don't understand the Samsung spider cell phone commercial?

Asked by AshlynM (10144points) June 17th, 2011

Is the woman screaming because she wanted the phone so bad that she was surprised that her husband or bf put it on the table?

Seen here.

Or is it because of the spider, that looked too real? I can’t tell if she’s screaming because of joy or fear.

I don’t quite understand the deal with this commercial.

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They’re saying that the screen is so good, it can produce life-like images. So the woman thought it was a real spider, and so did the guy who smashed it.

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I agree with @Ivan. The commerical is annoying as heck, and that makes for a good reason not to buy the phone. Bad advertising creative—a white table cloth restaurant with a big hairy spider on the tablecloth, and a screaming banshee? Give me a break.

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I also found it stupid and really irritating. Talk about condescending to your audience!

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Definitely what they said above, but I hate that commercial. Whatever happened to somewhat decent commercials?

End rant.

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It is suppose to show the quality and durability of the phone but actually demonstrates poor overacting and stupidity. This commercial falls far short of the humorous response it was intended to achieve. It quickly degenerates into one of the most irritating and weird advertisements that I can remember. Samsung’s stock must have surely taken a hit due to this commercial. I know that I’ll never buy anything from them as I’ll remember this ad for as long as I live.

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Ah,thanks for clearing that up. The only funny thing about this commercial is the man in the background almost drops his menu because the woman’s screaming is so loud.

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Geesh guys, it’s not that bad.

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Hate is stupid as the ones who produced it.

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It is not that bad. But this one is better.

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That commercial cracks me up, it’s just so stupid.

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