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If a family member is taken by ambulance to the hospital, will the paramedics allow you to ride in the ambulance with him/her?

Asked by give_seek (1425points) June 18th, 2011

This situation is often played out in movies and on TV, but I wonder if it’s really possible or just something used for dramatic effect.


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I don’t really know. I’d imagine perhaps, if it is not a serious, life threatening situation, but, if your loved one is on the brink of death, is in need of immediate, serious intervention, where you would be in the way of the paramedics, I wouldn’t waste the time arguing to ride along.

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My mother has been taken to the hospital by ambulance many times due to her heart issues, so I’m familiar with the subject.

They allow one family member to ride along in the back, but that’s it.

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As a former Paramedic, I hated when the family came with. Unless we need some information the family member has, I didn’t allow it.

So much of the stuff said/done in the ambulance while trying to save lives is better not known by the family. When I have to stab a patient in the chest with the biggest needle they have ever seen to reinflate a collapsed lung, it isn’t pretty or gentle.

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It is really up to the paramedics. If the medical staff in the back need room to move, they may have you ride up front. With a child, they usually want a parent along to help calm the child. But some don’t allow it in severe cases, as what would happen if the patient suddenly got worse and maybe passed away on the way to the hospital? The medical staff does not need to be trying to save the patient and deal with a hysterical relative. You need a way back home anyway, so the best course would probably be to meet the ambulance at the hospital by driving your own vehicle, obeying traffic laws.

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Scary. I have never have had or been involved in any kind of ambulance ride. I hope I never am. Every time I see an ambulance I feel so sorry for whomever needs it. :-(

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Thanks for the responses everyone. I have the answer I needed—which I believe is: Yes, it’s possible at the descretion of the paramedics. This helps me.

Have a great day!

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My father has gone to the hospital via ambulance at least a half dozen times. Every single time they allowed me to come with, but that may have been because I don’t have a car. They had me sit in the front passenger seat every time as well – NEVER with him in the back.

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Three weeks ago my mother was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with EMT support. They called and said to meet them at the ER, in our own vehicle.

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When KatawaGrey got run over when she was 13 they had me ride up front in the ambulance.

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Yes….they let my wife ride with my son when he busted his head open.

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Yes. We would let one family member come. It helps everyone.

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A parent with a child, yes, anyone else, usually no.

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My mom had been to the ER many times. They ask us not to ride with her, to meet them at the hospital. They don’t want us to interfere with their work. One exception though, was when my mom fell and was bleeding and scared and wanted me with her. They made me ride up front. She didn’t even know I was there.

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They do allow it. My daughter had a febrile siezure this week, and we had to call 911 for an ambulance. They let my wife ride up front, and I followed them to the hospital. My daughter is ok :), after a good 6 hours in the ER.

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I’m a helper to a disabled woman. When she broke her hip, they allowed me to ride up front in the ambulance with her. So it’s not just family in every situation.

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