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Can a long distance relationship work between someone in the US and overseas?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) June 19th, 2011

It would be much easier to visit if the person lived within the US (airplane prices etc), but would a LDR work for people that lived in different countries? What do you think?

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My best friend has been doing Boston-Berlin for about six months. So far so good.

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It depends on how the relationship is.

Are either of these people really attention needy?
If so, then one is likely to cheat.
How long have they known each other before the separation occurred?
How deep are their feelings for one another?

I believe love is stronger than any distance. (But I am a die hard romantic at heart.)

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I sure hope so. My fiance is British and lives in England, and I am in the US. I’m in the process of moving there. Webcams are a cheap and easy substitute in the meantime.

Edit: @athenasgriffin brings up some good points. In our case, we have no real worries, and we aren’t romantics. Okay…maybe a little bit.

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It is harder for sure, but ultimately, it will come down to the individuals involved. How committed are they to their relationships? What do they need from the relationship? Can they afford to meet up with enough regularity to meet their individual physical needs? As @athenasgriffin said too, how long have they known each other? How established is the relationship?

The answer to this question relates totally to the individuals involved. Hope it works out for them though.

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Yes. No. Maybe.

Who can tell? If even you can’t, then how can anyone else?

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Depends on the relationship, the people, how often you get to see them. My husband lived in Bogata for 9 months, we are still married years later. We have friends who live one in NC one in Tokyo, they are still married. But these were all for a finite time, they did get to be with each other every 4 weeks or so for at least a long weekend, and they were already married.

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Long distance relationships IMO almost never work out. Too many thought devils invade your skull and implant evil thoughts that make you dream up all sorts of evil things your SO is doing behind your back. Find somebody you can touch and kiss more than once every 2 months.

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If you’re 17, probably not. If you’re an adult, have money to travel back and forth, and have a workable plan to eventually be in the same place, then possibly, if it’s the right person.

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Yes. As most people on top of me said, if you have the money and great work plan then go ahead. I think skype and being in contact as frequent as possible will help. When you live far away from each other I think its more worth it when you get the chance meeting the person. You really get the feeling that you really missed them and such, other than if you live in the same neighbourhood.

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Oh yeah, 17, probably not. Is that the case? Is the OP 17?

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Long distance relationships, as a rule, do not work. There is too much room for cheating.

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It could, has as much chance as any other relationship. All relationships are a gamble. I know people who have been together for years and suddenly one walks out. Life is a it well and enjoy.

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