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What is unisex clothing?

Asked by Samant (183points) June 21st, 2011

I mean really 100 % unisex, a whole wardrobe that goes both ways. I have considered buying such. What’s your opinion?

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It is clothing, largely, that other people will perceive as acceptable to wear for the two main genders and, therefore, isn’t a very varied kind of wardrobe.

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Hanes T-shirts and Levi’s 501 jeans, Dickies pants, Converse All Stars tennis shoes, denim overalls, plain old rubber flip flops from the drug store, jean jackets, flannel shirt/jackets, ski hats, baseball caps, hospital scrubs, sports jerseys, hiking boots, regular old plain Doc Martens shoes, moccasins, cowboy boots, Sperry top siders shoes, Crocs and real clogs, chef jackets, knit sweaters (like the kind you see in winter with moose or snowflakes on them) plaid scarves, plain old black plastic sunglasses, long sleeved striped soccer shirts, and those shirts (not sure what you call them) that look like a short sleeved T-shirt in one color, with another long sleeved T-shirt underneath them, cargo shorts, fleece hoodies.

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In the USA, you can’t get any safer with unisex clothes than a pair of Levi’s 501 button up jeans, a pair of low top Black canvas Converse sneakers and a white crew neck t-shirt.

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Unisex clothing for a teenager would be sweat pants, hoodies, and, as said above, hanes t-shirts. Sometimes we buy t-shirts from our school with our school logo on it, and those are obviously considered unisex.
I’m not sure on “dressy” unisex clothing though.

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@Samant BTW, Welcome to Fluther. I hope you find the community here fun.

I guess lots of things qualify. Jeans, simple t-shorts and tank tops, jogging pants, Bermuda shorts, lots of sports paraphernalia like sweat shirts, tees, baseball caps and the like are sized differently for men and women, but cut about the same. Shirts that button up would be unisex except that we have a silly convention that men’s shirts have the buttons on the right and holes on the left. Shirts designed for women have the opposite arrangement.

As @Simone_De_Beauvoir noted, though, you’d end up with a pretty restrictive wardroab for male or female going that route.

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Most clothing made for men (especially casual clothing) is equally acceptable to be worn by women, so could be considered unisex. The reverse is most definitely not true.

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I agree with @downtide, casual clothing made for men is the simplest definition.

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Pretty much what you’re wearing in the picture, I assume it is you? hooded tops, T-shirts & jeans, smart but casual…... ;-)

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@Kardamom Levi’s 501 jeans, from which department?
@Scooby Yes, it is.

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@Samant I’ve always gotten mine in the men’s dept. They shrink to fit, so they pretty much fit everybody and look good on both males or females. I think the ones that are similar, but specifically for women might not be 501’s, they might have a differnt number.

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