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Is it edible?

Asked by YARNLADY (46015points) June 21st, 2011

4 doz Eggs left in the van 0vernight and all day with triple-digit temperature.

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I wouldn’t. Not worth the chance of food poisoning if it wasn’t edible.

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Why chance it? I don’t want you dying on us,

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Sigh, four dozen eggs – all because I smashed my finger and spent 4 hours in the ER

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If they were store bought eggs, I would dump them.
Fresh from the farm, they are probably still good. Before refrigeration eggs were stored in a basket on the counter of the local general store.

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Put them in a sink full of water. If they sink they’re good. If they float, chuck ‘em into the compost.

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Don’t risk it.

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Don’t eat them, unless you want to have food poisening for life. Don’t risk it.
Are you serious about the finger thing? Ouch! sorry about that!

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@blueberry_kid yes. Funny how something like that can interfere with your memory.

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Oh, go for it; a big scrambler, but hide it with old stinky cheese. Compliments will adore you on your delicious aged egg and cheese dish, and no one will be the wiser, or sicker.

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What did people do before refrigeration and birds would lay eggs not discovered/collected for a few days?

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I hope your hand heals quickly, and that your eggs are delicious.

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Salmonella is not fun – even if they are not floaters as @FluffyChicken says, if they did contain salmonella, this would have grown during the 4 hours in the heat. I don’t know how much eggs cost but even if they were $100 EACH it wouldn’t be worth getting sick from them. Here are some ideas what to do with them, apart from putting them into your compost heap

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I wouldn’t do it, but I’m super strict about food safety stuff. Hope your finger feels better soon!

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ick, no. Unless those triple-digit temperatures were actually high enough to cook them.

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I’d make scrambled eggs but cook them a little more than usual. If they tasted fine I’d have another and wait a day.
Try making egg drop soup or hard boiled eggs.

You all know how I hate to waste food.

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Hard boil them, save them, and paint them in happy colors come next Easter.

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I would eat them. Do the float test like @FluffyChicken said. My kids are aghast at how I cut the mold off and eat things after the expire date. Bah, I say.

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@faye I cut the mould off cheese and eat what’s inside. Cheese is basically made of mould anyway, and under the “rind” it’s fine. Matures nicely too, if you keep it longer than it says.

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But don’t eat moldy bread! By the time you can see mold on bread, it’s throughout the loaf even if invisible.

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I eat moldy bread all the time, with the spots cut off of course. It’s never hurt me.

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@augustlan I’ve done it all my life, my mom was a mold cutter, too. Now maybe we’ve discovered the cause of arthritis ;)

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