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What foods aren't bad for you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24530points) February 5th, 2016

Everyday the media says that another food is bad for you , then it changes its mind the next day. I would suggest trying a different route. What foods are good for you?

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Moderation in all things

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Leafy greens, raw or cooked. Tomatoes cooked (Lycopene) oily fish like Salmon or better yet, small Sardines (not prone to high levels of Mercury).

Fresh fruits like Apples, Oranges. Broccoli and all cruciferous vegetables.

Walnuts, chocolate.

Those are just a few, right off the top of my head, which don’t have major negatives associated with them. (Just be careful on the Salmon as the larger ones have high Mercury levels.)

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Lean meat, fish, eggs, fruit, nuts and vegetables. If for the majority of your food consumption, you stick to foods that are unprocessed and natural, you won’t go too far wrong.

However, as @Judi says, it’s really about moderation @RedDeerGuy1. Rather than ‘bad’ foods, put foods into categories ‘eat often’, ‘eat less often’, ‘eat very sparingly’. There are some we shouldn’t eat very much of. Just eat foods that are less healthy in small quantities.

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Don’t believe what you read or hear from the media. Just use your own, very valid common sense.

Reporters and journalists, always on the lookout for stories that will sell or get readers and viewers, are happy to report the latest “news” about food. Most such “studies” are based on unscientific, cherry-picked data, if any data at all, and get published (for a hefty fee paid by each author) in disreputable medical journals.

If you trust the latest “news,” anything that you can ingest will either kill you or guarantee your immortality.

Is it true that drinking a glass (or, is it two glasses?) of red wine (or, is it white wine?) per day will improve cardiovascular health? No. If there’s any connection at all between wine consumption and health, it’s most likely the fact that more affluent people, who have good lifestyles and access to responsible medical care, are in the same demographic of people who drink wine.

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Speaking very technically, no food is completely good for you.

Why do you think we have livers?

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Everything is good for you in moderation as long as it supports your goals and you don’t have a sensitivity/allergy/intolerance, such as peanut allergy or celiac disease. This trend of zeroing in on “superfoods” and “never eat this” type of dietary management is absurd and impractical, not to mention rarely based in good science.

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Everything is bad in excess. Too much fish, possible mercury poisoning. Too many vegetables, might be difficult for digestion and if not organic might have a lot of poison. Too much animal products and there is a lot of research it kills you in more ways than one. Too much grain and it might be excessive carbs for you. Then there are things specific to each individual. Like I recently read it might be helpful if I cut down in foods with a specific type of amino acid and eat foods with more Lysene. One thing on the list that’s “bad” is oatmeal. If the info is right I’m glad I never bought into that whole oatmeal schtick about cholesterol and colon cancer. I am at very high risk for both problems. I do eat oatmeal, I just never ate it to excess.

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Oatmeal and if you have really strong teeth…Capn’ Crunch.

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It’s true the list of good and bad seems to change frequently, and flips back and forth. See Woody Allen’s Sleeper, when he imagines a future where everything we were told was bad is good, and you will pretty much see our present.
However, there are good answers above: moderation, lots of fresh, colorful vegies, and my new favorite, coconut oil not only to eat, but to use as a skin lotion.

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This drives me nuts too, @RedDeerGuy1. I have given up trying to listen to the various reports of what’s good for me and what isn’t. It’s all so contradictory, and I honestly think the mental strain of beating yourself up over eating “bad” foods and agonizing over what is okay to eat is worse for you than occasionally eating something bad. That’s why orthorexia is becoming more common nowadays.

I just listen to my body and eat what makes me feel good.

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can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables

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I think it is much more important to find out which food is good for us and to try to build a healthy diet around it. One should incorporate lots green leafy vegetables and fruits into the diet along with protein rich foods like meat, egg, cod liver.

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