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Does pickling take away nutritional value of foods, or is it in any way harmful?

Asked by Falkor (142points) November 10th, 2009

If I pickle different fruits/vegetables, will it deplete, or affect in anyway, the vitamins, minerals, fiber….etc. content of the food. Is eating too much vinegar or whatever else is used for pickling, harmful if eaten too much, or in the pickling process?

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“There is some nutrient loss that occurs when a vegetable, like a cucumber, is pickled. The exact nutrients that are lost and the exact percentage depends on (1) the liquids you use to pickle and marinate and (2) the length of time you keep the vegetables in the solution before consuming them. A certain percentage of some water-soluble nutrients, like vitamin C, can naturally transfer to the pickling liquid over time.” Source Here

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Well, if you have high blood pressure, you’d have to be careful of the amount of sodium. Otherwise, the only other possible harm I would think from eating too many pickled items is that the acid might be harmful to your teeth. However, if you brush your teeth after eating, then I think you’d be ok.

Here are some health benefits:

“Fermented pickles also have good bacteria that can control harmful intestinal microbes. When pickles are fermented, lactic acid is created. This acid helps to lower fat in the bloodstream, improve circulation, and lower high blood pressure. It also helps to support a healthy digestive system, reintroduces good bacteria into the intestines, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, and is beneficial for diabetics. In fact, one study even found that eating fermented products regularly contributed to lower rates of skin problems, asthma, and auto-immune disorders.

Many pickles are made with vinegars. This healthy liquid has several positive properties in addition to its tangy taste. Vinegar is known to boost the immune system, ease digestive disorders, and can break down calcium deposits in a person’s joints. In addition, vinegar is known to decrease high blood pressure, and help treat urinary infections. It is even said to re-mineralize your bones, balance your blood pH, and fight infection. Vinegar is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It inhibits the growth of the E.coli bacteria, and when used in conjunction with salt, which is common in pickling, the anti-bacterial properties are amplified.

Another common item used for pickling is apple cider vinegar. It has several additional health benefits as well. Not only does it contain several minerals, thirty-plus nutrients, and pectin, which is good for your heart, it also contains several essential amino acids, all of which are a great addition to your diet.”

The above is quoted from Pickles: a Healthy Snack With Snap by Jonathan Heusman

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@BraveWarrior oh MY! What a brilliant answer and explains why I crave pickles…I have all those problems that need sorting…which pickles would, as you suggest, effectively carry out! Thank you!! You’ve made my day xx

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@lynneblundell Oh, you’re making me blush, indeed! Thank you for your kind & generous words, but, really, all I can take credit for is an online search & a humble copy & paste – Smiles!

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Wow thanx guys. Can’t wait to start pickling our extras!

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