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What is this music clip from Ray William Johnson?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) June 22nd, 2011

From this video when he shows the kid again, he uses it a lot in a mocking sexy way, where can I find it on youtube?

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what’s the time on the video?

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I watch his videos really often and I’ve always wondered what’s that song in the end with the cats dancing..

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It sort of sounds like the music to My Balls by Your Favorite Martian. Not sure. It was my introduction to Ray William Johnson. What is the dumbest rumor you’ve heard about yourself? Wow, I need another cup of coffee.

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It’s Tig Ol’ Bitties by Your Favorite Martian.

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Weird, I could have sworn i’ve heard this music somewhere else. @King_Pariah I think your thinking of the wrong part of the video.

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@XOIIO Then which part?

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When the red headed kid is moving his eyebrows in slow mo after RJW says “ladies you would totally make put with that”

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