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Can light spotting after period, delay next months period?

Asked by Abqnm (1points) June 22nd, 2011 from iPhone

I had a baby 8 months ago so my period is not quite regular yet. I had a period with 4 days of bleeding, then about 4 days of light spotting. Can this delay my next period? Should I count 28 days from when the spotting stopped or 28 days from when the bleeding stopped? Please help

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The count is from the day your period started, not finished. Don’t worry too much about it being exactly 28 days – your body’s been through a lot recently and things can take a good few months to settle down, especially if you are/have been breast feeding. Just make sure that if you don’t want to get pregnant again yet that you use good contraception – this can be an especially fertile time for some women!

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You said you are not quite regular yet, so it seems logical you still are not regular, which means there is no way to tell when your next period will come. Or, do you mean your bleeding is not regular? Most people use not regular to mean the amount of days between periods. @Stinley is right you count from the first day of your period, and I am assuming you were never regular if you don’t know when to start counting? What really triggers your next period is when you ovulate, but a lot of women can’t tell when they ovulate, typically gettng your period 14 days after ovulation. Basically you will just have to wait and see. If things don’t get back to normal in a month or so go see your doctor.

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It took months for me to become regular after weaning. I’d say count from the beginning of your period…And, if you’re asking because you use natural child planning, know that your fertile period is also not regular yet.

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@SpatzieLover I find it scary to think anyone using natural planning (which I have nothing negative to say aboit, it worked for me very well) might be this unknowledgable about a cycle.

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I’ve known too many women that were shocked to find they became pregnant while breast feeding. I thought it was common knowledge that if you have sex, you can become pregnant. Apparently this isn’t as common as I thought.

One mom I know came up to me balling. She’d just given birth to her third (and what she thought would be her last) child. It turned out she was using NFP. In the beginning, she and her husband had trouble conceiving. The first two kids didn’t come easily. Baby number three came after only a couple of months of trying.

I know several stories like this. I now realize that even women that have given birth may not realize how their own bodies fertility works.

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@SpatzieLover I realize that too, I just dread the idea that they rely on their body’s cycle for family planning when they have no clue how their body works. Part of family planning is also being able to get pregnant when you want to, not just avoiding pregnancy. I hope the Catholic schools, and I think of this as mostly related to Catholics, are educating young women about their bodies now, I know they did not in the past. It is not about premarital sex it is about anatomy and physiology.

Having singled out Catholics above, I will say that many many women of all ethnic groups and religions believe the rumor, old wives tale, they cannot get pregnant while breast feeding.

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