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What do you get a guy for his birthday(a loved one)

Asked by love408 (147points) April 27th, 2008


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Something non-consumable or memorable that he likes. Without knowing his interests, it’s really very hard to make a suggestion. Most blokes aren’t that in to bubble-baths and flowers, so….

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@ Allie
I like that idea…...after all, “the way to a man’s heart….”, right? ;)

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One of my favorite gifts from a girl was this filled with brownies.

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easy, you get them something that they like!

Like if its a video game….get them a video game. And the food thing was a good idea.

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TheHaight is right on

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johnpowell: That looks so good. I love the edge brownies. =]

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i would get him a wine of the month club, for a year they recieve a different wine every month.
Cologne, ipod, ipod speakers, cuff links… concert tickets…?

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I like johnpowell ‘s idea.

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really expensive jewelry

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Give him a six-pack and let him have the remote for the evening…....he’ll be happy as larry!

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A massage at a spa or a nice shirt or something similar that would look good on him but that you know he wouldn’t buy for himself. Guys like being pampered/looking good too.

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I just celebrated my honey’s birthday this past weekend by taking him out to a classy dinner, baking him a cake, and sexing him up in some racy lingerie. I also gave him an actual tangible present which included some things that I had made myself just for him: a mixed CD, a pair of pajama pants (his are all too short for him!), and a canvas grocery bag. The gifts were kind of silly but he appreciated them and was very impressed that I had put so much effort into crafting for him. I also made him a card myself. The next day, I made him breakfast and took him on a hike to a waterfall. It was a lot of work and it did cost me a little bit of money in the end, but all in all it meant more than just walking into a store and buying something that cost a few hundred dollars. I would say that if you have some sort of skill or craft that you’re good at, play that up and make/do something for him. It means more. I decided that rather than spend a lot of money on a gift, I splurged on a nice romantic dinner for us because it’s something that we could do together, and a memory that would last.

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get him a BOAT!

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Get him a PS3 and GTA 4

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did you get him anything yet?

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