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What did exactly hit the pentagon on 9/11?

Asked by qashqai (2465points) April 28th, 2008

And, if you doubt it was one of the hijacked planes, how is this connected to the whole 9/11 breakthrough events series?

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It was one of the hijacked planes. Im fairly sure that they have video of the impact. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there were 4 hijacked planes. Two hit the WTC, one hit the Pentagon and the forth was crashed in a field by the passengers who fought back.

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It sure as hell was not an airplane. Check the footage for yourself.
If you believe that it was an airplane that hit the pentagon then I also have some ocean front property to sell you in Kansas.

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Anyone who denies that it was an airliner that hit the Pentagon, is ignorant of the facts, or just plain ignorant.

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ask yourself this question…how can an airplane traveling at that peed and that low, be virtually unheard or unseen by the vast majority of people in about a 5 miles radius…how can that happen?

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I drove by the site not long afterward. It was a plane.

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if it was an airplane then where are “any” of the parts?

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(where did she come from?)might I also add the
was arrested
year who was on one of
planes that hit

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I have further questions to both parties involved in the discussion:

to whom believes it was actually the boeing 757 of American Airline:
the pentagon is possibly the most guarded building on earth, there are more CCTV cameras covering this building than every other building on the planet, why we still don’t have a clear footage of the boeing since it was surely taken from somewhere?

to whom believes it was not the plane, but was something else:
what exactly? And where is the plane then?

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judochop, so what was it then; it’s not clear what was it since no plane parts were found, there is no footage of a missile; a single missile couldn’t have caused all that damage; critical footage was confiscated. Why all this secrecy? Are we ashame of how we were hit at the most secure building in the world? I guess we will never know what was it. I bet all the part planes were removed before the media got there

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judochop, if you’re sure it wasn’t an airplane what was it- king kong?

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Why are people afraid to question their government? The government should be afraid its people not the other way around. And if I don’t believe what they tell me, damn right I’m gonna start asking more questions. There are too many problems with the whole 9–11 deal, too many discrepancies, that I cannot believe what the government says happened. If you believe what the mainstream media tells you then you are ignorant. I’m not saying I believe any one of the single conspiracies out there, but that there are far too many questions left unanswered or inadequately answered, too many contradictions, to much eyebrow raising evidence for me to sit her and listen to the government give me their story.

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wow, this wasn’t my question.. But a lot of people are saying “it wasn’t an airplane, etc..” but not saying what they actually think it is, or there opinion on that… I’m just curious, because I always thought it was a airplane… But I agree with 8lightmins opinion on the government..

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Seems to me that if a plane hits such a sensitive building, the government would not want a single shred of footage escaping into the public domain. The same would go for all evidence and wreckage collected.
I expect they were <rightly> afraid of a copy cat attack so it makes sense to hide some or all the facts

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So did you hear that they staged the moon landing?

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@BCarlyle- The point is that it’s possible they could have and you may not know the difference, unless maybe you’re Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin.

Have you ever read 1984?

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@suspiro001: They did. I lived in the DC area at the time and there were many eyewitness reports of people who saw and heard the plane as it was crashing and as it crashed.

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@ judochop~ I tried going to that link, but there is no video… how can I see the video?

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are you serious???

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he posted it… Only thing there is another link for dicussions?

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I like how the Dust Bros. are playing in the background.

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It is amazing to me that people are just now seeing that there is question about what hit the Pentagon.
I am not saying what it was or what I think it was but I am saying that I do not believe that it was a large aircraft.
The specs simply do not add up. It is a matter of simple physics.
Just as syz drove by the damage, so did I and guess what? I still do not believe that it was an airplane of any kind.
Please feel free to check out this site and what it being said:
King Kong? I understand that you are being funny and trying to make me look like a moron for questioning something that has never been proved and I welcome you to change my mind. I am open to being wrong but until anyone here and anyone in the world can prove that it was a passenger plane I will remain in question.
I don’t know why you are not seeing the video, it is still there when I check the link. It plays as soon as the page opens.
I see your point but there were parts of things that were carried out from the pentagon, covered in tarps and sheets and the media was never allowed to photograph them and none of the firemen on the scene were allowed to clear even burning parts from the ground.
Also, were you aware that the mystery in question hit an area of the Pentagon that was under remodel and that the damage carried through the rings caused no harm to anyone?
If a plane did infact smack the Pentagon why was there no jetdraft over the highway and why is there a white tail of smoke trailing from the back end of the whatever it was?
And finally, I have spoke with a couple of people who worked at the Pentagon at the time of the accident and honestly, they really don’t believe that it was a passenger plane either.
Once again, I am fine with being wrong but please prove it.

It is our job to question our government seeing as how this government has been led thus far by question, starting with the election.

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Ed, a single missile could cause much more damage than that. Depends on the missile.

(sorry for the double Fluther)

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@mcbealer , Are you using IE? I couldn’t get it to load either, but it works on Mozilla.

I’ve seen this video before. Just looking at the hole left in the side of the building should tell us it was not a plane. It’s a perfectly round hole, not even a nick where wings would have been shorn off. I doubt we will ever be allowed know what it was, but common sense can tell us what is wasn’t. And it wasn’t a plane, or at least not a commercial one like they want us to think.

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I’m totally intrigued now.

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with any event there will always be conspiracy theorists. I’m not trying to make you look like a moron judochop, and I appologize for my joke. This all interests me and always has- and I am not “barely questioning what hit the Pebtagon” its always been a mystery to me. Also- when this tragedy happened I was only a freshman in highschool…. Very young and confused by it! So maybe I’ve never know much, and that is why I’m so interested by this next election, and wanting to make a difference. Again, sorry by my joke JUDOCHOP. I guess I just wish I knew what it couldve been if it wasn’t an airplane.

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I’m very grateful for this discussion.

I agree with judochop and 8lightminutesaway – I don’t know for sure what happened, but I am very very skeptical of the government’s official story. Just doesn’t add up. I also appreciate Lozza’s response. I hadn’t considered the advantage of preventing the evidence from getting out, other than to cover up the cover-up.

The Pentagon crash is one piece of the larger picture of what happened that day. For those like peedub and TheHaight who are intrigued, I recommend this amazing article: The Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story of 9/11.

A couple years ago I looked deeply into all the information on that site and while I can’t be sure what really happened, I was blown away by the massive evidence that the government’s official story of what happened that day literally could not have happened. Re-reading the article I posted above, I feel sadness at the disregard for human life that our government appears to have shown.

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Sorry for errors! Pentagon* known*

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@Trust- Thanks man. I feel like my bookmark list has increased by 100 times from being on Fluther for the short time I have.

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yeah, thanks trust. I bookmarked it as well and am going to read it on my lunch break.

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@TheHaight and Peedub, thanks for bookmarking the page!

And… what I like about that page is you don’t have to read every word if you don’t want to. A quick two-minute scan down 40 reasons why the official story couldn’t have happened is enough to cast a little bit of doubt.

Also, this takes courage. I want to say to those of you who are reading about this topic for the first time: to even consider the possibility that our government might have had something to do with 9/11 can be disturbing. Thanks for your willingness.

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I know it may be hard to take in, but looking with an open mind, one will see the many questionable activities on that day. What hit the pentagon is probably the best question one can start with when thinking about the events on that day.

Here’s a lil recap:

NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command, was running drills simulating planes hitting buildings the morning of 9/11. They also failed 4 times that day. According to the 9/11 Commission, NORAD intercepted 0 planes. They also failed under Dick Cheney’s control. Remember, Bush was at the school in Florida. Oh yeah. About that school. If the nation is under attack and there are 11 planes in the air that could not be accounted for, why would our President stay in a school full of children, shown on every single television across America and even go as far as give a press conference from the school? Shouldnt he be somewhere safe?

I believe the story about what happened in NY. Again, I have a couple questions. I am not a physicist, scientist, or engineer. All three buildings, thats right 3, WTC 1, 2, and 7, fell at complete free fall speed. That would mean that there was absolutely no resistance under the building whatsoever. How could this be done? I dont know, but Marvin Bush, GW’s brother, worked for Securicom, which had contracts for WTC. Rudy Guiliani was told not to put his Emergency Command Bunker back in WTC 7 after the bombing in 1993. He did. That building mysteriously fell later in the afternoon. There were many Federal offices in that building: IRS, Secret Service, CIA, Securities and Exchange Commission, Mayor’s Office of Emergency Mgmt., and some banks and financial offices. Im sure alot of evidence was destroyed that day.

And who knows about what really happened in PA. Shot down? Not shot down? Who knows?

Questioning 9/11 2 years ago got me heavily into the politics of our country. I now see how crooked our government has become, and we have noone to blame but ourselves. I blamed my Dad’s generation for really starting to not care or pay attention, which got passed down to my generation. He agreed with me after a few days of thinking about it. Now it is time for my generation to realize the world that will be left for our kids if we maintain the path we are on.

The creator should always control the created. Not the other way around. We the people created our government. Thomas Jefferson said,” When the government is scared of the people, you have liberty. When the people are scared of the government, you have tyranny.”

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Good warning. I watched Loose Change @ on 9/11 2 years ago. It changed my life. It changed the way I look at everything. I have a much better understanding of what government is and what government should be. I understand about individual freedom and liberty. I understand that I should be able to do anything I want to as long as I am not violating someone else’s rights or property. I understand that our “government” does not want us to understand anything about freedom and liberty.

Our founding fathers warned us about everything that is going on now. They all warned that we would fail from within. Here is some good readin material on questioning our govt.

It Cant Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
!984 by George Orwell
They Thought They Were Free by Milton Mayer
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
John Adams by David McCullough

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Great answers guys, I’m really proud there are other Americans out there who question our government and realize what they’ve done and our responsibilities to correct it. the only thing I would add for now would be to just remember this:
“Those who would give up essential liberties to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
-Benjamin Franklin

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Maybe you should govern your questions, budrow.

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Good morning all!
Glad my question stimulated all of you. As some of you may already know (but I guess just a few) I am european, so I wanted to know what americans think about that, as it is such a delicate matter.

Talking about pure physics, I doubt as well that such a great aeroplane could hit the pentagon in “that” manner.
Talking about “terrorists’ psychology” then, if i was one of the terrorists and my aim was to hit the pentagon, I wouldn’t risk that much attempting such a difficult manouvre, when aiming at the middle of the building will sensibly increase my chances of success, given I learned to pilot an airplane on a cessna that is vastly smaller than a boeing. That’s weird, in my personal opinion. What’s yours?

But at this point, there’s a new scenario that requires another question:
if it was not a plane, as many of you pinpointed, where is the AA flight then?
Any theory about that? I would love to hear them.

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I too was once struck by loose change. Then I started to find out about the director.
You will all have to make up your own minds about this stuff, and I promise I’m not an agent of the government. OK I do work in public transportation, trains though. I did live in San Diego and bought gas at a station where a couple of the alleged terrorists worked Shell in La Mesa. I probably passed them as I traveled back and forth to Phoenix, on the many trips to visit my now ex wife’s parents.

I have several links below that are “I saw a plane fly into the Pentagon” biased.

Photos from witnesses of the plane crash.
In adition at the bottom of the page is a link to emails recieved by the poster. Including a man at the pentagon who assisted in the rescue efforts and saw plane debris.
Link from wiki of eye witnesses of plane crashing into Pentagon. Refutes loose change 1 and 2.

Who first suggested that a missile hit the Pentagon?
Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld on October 12, 2001
This site believes that “the no plane theory” was devised to cover the real mystery.

Video of a test at 500 MPH of a heavier plane into a concrete wall, it disapears.

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One other thing I would like to mention even though the part of the Pentagon hit had just been renovated and had not yet been reoccupied. In addition to the people on the plane, 125 people at the Pentagon were killed and many more injured.

It is possible that there are people in the government who knew more about what was going to happen. These people may have been in a position to just let it happen as we have recently learned was the case in the handling of the Pearl Harbor attack.

There are many things we will never know all the answers to.
9/11 is definitely one of those mysteries.

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google ’ loose change’. you’ll be blown away, promise

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Loose Change: FInal Cut

Made up of mostly undoctored news footage from major news networks, this movie will blow you away. I will be the first to admit that they try some persuasion through editing clips together to say things, but that is obvious. If you dont watch any of this movie, you must at least watch at the 28 minute mark, and see the C-Span clips of the testimony from Generals from NORAD. Donald Rumsfeld’s face is priceless.

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Get out your aluminum foil hats. In such a country with such lousy teaching of science and scientific principles in our public education system and a proven lack of scientific understand in the general population, I don’t find it shocking that you conspiracy theorists out there come to ridiculous conclusions based on anecdotal evidence and emotional “gut” feelings. However, I do find it greatly saddening.

I question my government constantly. I have a healthy dose of skepticism. But these 9/11 conspiracies are pure conjecture and garbage. Not knowing the entire story or all the details DOES NOT preclude one from knowing the general story line.

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Have you checked out the movie I posted the link, before you start bashing people? I have come across two kinds of people since I’ve learned about 9/11, people that will look at the big picture as a whole and start seeing all the holes in what we were being told and those who just dismiss it as being a crazy conspiracy.

When your president and other of his officials say,” we never imagined them using planes as missiles but come to find out NORAD was running drills the same day, that planes flew into buildings, including the WTC, something is definitely fishy.

And btw, what did hit the pentagon?

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I have lots of questions about the official story. That said, I do not pretend to be smart enough to come up with an answer to the question.

I do respect you folks that ask questions and critically consider the official story.

One fact is interesting: George H.W. Bush Sr was having lunch with Bin Ladin’s brother on the morning of 9/11, and the second fact is that George W Bush did charter a plane to Saudi Arabia for all the Bin Ladin klan, over the objections of the FBI. Bush denied the FBI the chance to question them too.

Also, there were NORAD war games on 9/11, war gaming a plane being hijacked and flown into the WTC——itsofacto…..

American’s are the only group of people on planet earth that beleive the official 9/11 government story. How did the WTC Building 7, 1/2 mile away, collapse by itsself 4 hrs after tower 1 and 2 fell? a 64 story building just falls for no reason, and Americans are too mentally damaged by 40+ years of TV programming and high fruitose corn syrup.

We are a nation of mental dwarfs.

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I think we should ask some jetliner pilots out there.
Seeing what are supposed to be official images (and with that I mean not modified by anyone with photoshop or other similar instruments) I still find the manouvre of the planes hitting the twin towers too smooth and flawless to be performed for the first and only time in the life of the alleged terrorists.

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@qashquai: I’m going to respond in the most restrained manner I know how, because I find your response to be naive. You can not discount the thousands of eye witnesses in New York on that very sad day.

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@breed: I don’t want to discount the thousands of eye witnesses in New York on that very sad day, neither my question wants to discredit any given person that is politically involved in that. I was just wondering about physics or avionics (in this particular case).
That said, I still think the number of eye witnesses is not in conflict with my previous statement. 1.000.000 persons could have seen the first and the second plane fly smoothly and flawlessly into WTC1 and WTC2.

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If I am reading gashgai right, that would mean that these were skilled pilots that maneuvered the planes directly into the towers (not rookie terrorist pilots). Hearing from pilots about the difficulty of such a maneuver is still a good idea.

Amazing that this post is still getting responses, 2 months after its post.

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I dont think they were the rookie pilots we are led to believe. Apparently, several of the hijackers had the same exact name as people that were alumni of American military school.
(By The New York Times), WASHINGTON, Sept. 15—Three of the men identified as the hijackers in the attacks on Tuesday have the same names as alumni of American military schools, the authorities said today. The men were identified as Mohamed Atta, Abdulaziz al-Omari and Saeed al-Ghamdi.

The Defense Department said Mr. Atta had gone to the International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama; Mr. al-Omari to the Aerospace Medical School at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas; and Mr. al-Ghamdi to the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio in Monterey, Calif.

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I have read somewhere (but don’t remember exactly where) that some of them were judged by flight instructors as unable to even pilot a small cessna, that’s why I was questioning that. Moreover, looking at the images available, I see one of the two planes (guess the one that hit the second tower) make a sharp turn several seconds before the impact, thus positioning in a way to hit the tower at the exact center. This is the manouvre I was referring to.

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2 engines. 9 tons EACH. Made of titanium
alloy. Melting point of 3000F. Jet fuel has a maximum burning temperature of 1796 °F in a 100% oxygen environment (air is 21% oxygen at best).

Where did the plane go? Where did the two 9 ton engines go? While the wall still stood, why was there only one hole 16 ft in diameter, with the windows right next to it fully in tact? If you say “the wings broke off outside the building, so only the fuselage penetrated” why arent the wings still outside the building?

I wasnt there. You say it was a plane that crashed into the pentagon. The burden of proof is on you.

Plane Crashes Into Building

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Hmmmmm. I am taking the high road and not getting into this. Let’s all agree that many innocent people died on September 11, at the WTC, the Pentagon, and an open field.

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Some people who seek to be rational thinking adults spend too much time “questioning” things. It goes back to that South Park episode: if you really think our government is that smart to pull that over on everyone you’re the one being fooled.

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