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Good holiday/vacations destinations in November?

Asked by Jay170590 (335points) June 26th, 2011 from iPhone

I’m looking to go away for a couple of weeks in November, any suggestions where I should go? Somewhere hot and a nice relaxing place. Not really looking to do loads of activities. It’s for me and my girlfriend so somewhere romantic would be good.

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You can always go to Egypt or Croatia for your vacation.

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Help yourself to a great holiday and help the Greek economy…, visit the Greek Islands.

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Hawaii! I have been in November, wonderful weather, beautiful snorkeling!

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I’ve been to Egypt and a few Greek islands before. Hawaii sounds good.

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A villa on Grenada.

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Florida is very nice in November. I like the Gulf Coast. Sanibel Island is very nice, and there is a lot to do within driving distance.

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Southeast Asia. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan.

Some amazing beaches!

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I went to the Bahamas in November. It was indeed hot.

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Palm Springs for mid-century architecture, a really good art and natural history museum, hiking, multitudes of fabulous food, and one of the most awe inspiring 360 degree rotating tram ride from the desert to the mountains, plus hiking in both the desert and the mountains. and it is nearby to a couple of smaller towns that offer their own interesting amenities.

Here’s some details:

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Self Guided Mid-Century Architecture Tour

Visit the house where Elvis and Priscilla Spent the First Night of their Honeymoon

Hike the Desert Canyons of Palm Springs

Palm Springs Art Museum

A short list of my favorite places to eat in Palm Springs ( these are vegetarian friendly, but they are not specifically vegetarian restaurants, so regular people will like them too) PS’s is one of the restaurant destination capitols of the world.

Nature’s Health Food and Cafe

Elmer’s (excellent breakfast, especially the hazelnut cream filled French toast with warm fruit compote)

El Mirasol (Yummy Mexican food)

Las Casuelas Terraza (More yummy Mexican food right in the heart of downtown. Great for people watching)

Tyler’s Hamburger’s

Matchbox Pizza

Palms Green Cafe

Native Foods

Spencer’s (very fancy, romantic restaurant with an excellent view, specializing in Pacific Rim dinners, and a wonderful brunch)

Note: If you enjoy a cocktail and piano bars, there’s tons of these in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Fudge and Chocolates (for the best date shake in the desert!)

The next place is my favorite place to stay in Palm Springs: Caliente Tropics (because it’s a vintage, Hawaiian-style, 1960’s era motel with a great pool and a very cute tiki bar, and beautiful tropical grounds, and very reasonably priced.)

Nearby to Palm Springs is the town of Indio famous for it’s dates. If you go, you must visit Shield’s Date Garden and Store

Also nearby to Palm Springs is Joshua Tree National Park a great place to drive through or to camp. U2 named one of their albums after this place.

The nearby town of Desert Hot Springs, boasts a very nifty mid-century hotel called the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel”:

Another nearby town, Cabazon, has a really cool roadside attraction that features life sized dinosaur sculptures that house a museum and a gift shop. The dinosaurs are right by Hadley’s a wonderful store to purchase dried fruits (especially dates), nuts, candy and my very favorite date cake, and you can also get date shakes and food gifts to take home or send to friends. And just down the road from Hadley’s is the Morongo Casino and the Cabazon outlet stores. Also, running right through Cabazon, outside of Palm Springs and running along the 10 freeway are thousands of magnificent Windmills

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@marinelife…we are planning to go to Sanibel Island this November. Taking the kids to Disney and then headed to the coast for a few days of pure tranquility. We have never been there, but it looks like a perfect, beautiful place to relax and enjoy the ocean.

Florida is a great place to go in November because it is their down season so the rates are incredibly reasonable. You can stay right on the beach for about $100 a night. This also means that the tourism is very low at this time of the year, meaning more room on the beaches and a better quality trip.

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Las Vegas ;-)


Disney World. The weather’s great then, and the crowds are not as bad.

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@jamielynn2328 There is good shelling on Sanibel. It is very quiet, but fun. Captiva Island (right next door is nice too).

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