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Do ibuprofen and alcohol together cause liver or kidney damage?

Asked by stephencjackson (76points) April 28th, 2008

Is it dangerous to your health to take ibuprofen and alcohol together? Does this cause the same health problems that acetaminophen and alcohol do? What kind of damage does this cause, if any?

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Yes it can cause liver bleeds. Also mega doses can cause damage alone.

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Each of these drugs have their own side effects including liver damage (alcohol), stomach damage (both), kidney damage (ibuprofen). Taking both ibuprofen and alcohol can result in gastritis, or inflammation of the stomach lining, which would lead to stomach pain, low grade blood loss and possibly an ulcer. It is also possible that becoming dehydrated due to alcohol could increase your chance of having kidney damage from ibuprofen, but this is just speculation. The most likely effect would be gastritis. “Liver bleeds” are not a real medical issue, and would not be caused by either medicine alone or in combination.

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I think the key here is….....moderation
One margarita after taking a couple of headache tablets isn’t going to land you in hospital if you’re otherwise healthy. But, as shilolo mentioned, but substances can have less desirable effects.

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it can also give you ulcers

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Does flutter have to worry about legal implications of medical stuff on this site. I would hope that they would be immune from suit because they are simply a vehicle for the free exchange of information, and they make no claims as to the accuracy of that info. I do have to wonder though if, in this law-suit-happy country we live in, someone could try to get some money because they followed some bad advice—especially with regards to medical information.

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I hope not, as the ibuprofen before bed after a night of drinking means less of a hangover the next morning for me!

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Ibuprofen on an empty stomach can cause ulcers and such, but nothing is inherently bad with drinking with ibuprofen—unless, that is, you’re binge drinking. Which you shouldn’t do anyway, but if you are, don’t take any pain killers. That’s what causes bleeding and ulcers.

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use both in moderation. Drinking every time that you use ibuprofen on the same day continuously can eventually lead to stomach ailments. Why would u need to take both tho is the question. Both are pain relievers so if youre going to use both go with 1–2 drinks and 200 mg of ibuprofen

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Yes, alcohol has been proven to be dangerous, when consistently combined with ibuprofen, or even worse, acetiminophen. I mix them whenever I take them though, but I only take such medications about 4 times a year.

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NAIDS – non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs (most are over the counter pain relievers) especially if used above the recommended dosage, or over long periods of time have the potential to damage the liver and the kidneys. Adding alcohol to the mix puts these organs under more pressure.

If you don’t take NSAIDS regularly or drink to excess regularly, used according to directions, they may help to alleviate the adverse effects of over-indulgence in alcohol.

Use good sense – You can still have a great time!

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Don’t know about the effect of ibuprofen. Check with your doctor to be sure. However, there is strong evidence from around the world that drinking alcoholic beverages reduces the risk of developing kidney cancer or renal cell carcinoma

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