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If I take vicodin with alcohol, is it dangerous?

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) October 10th, 2008

I have a leg condition, an infarction, and I want to know if it is dangerous for me to take a recommended amount of vicodin with alcohol?

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When you got it, it should have had a warning saying not to mix them on the bottle.

Is that you House?

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Yeah usually if you mix drugs with alcohol it is.

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The Rx bottle will be plastered about warnings re; alcohol. I assume that you do not have an eye condition?

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Never mix pain pills and booze

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No, you should not mix them. Both are CNS depressants. To make matters worse, Vicodin contains acetominophen (Tylenol) which itself should not be taken with alcohol because of potential liver damage.

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Did you even read the warning label on the bottle? I doubt it’s there for decoration…..

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Are you in a lot of pain? Is that why you’re wondering?

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its more Are you trying to kill yourself?

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I heard that leg infarctions are extremely painful.

But mixing narcoics and alcohol is a horrible idea. Especially if the painkillers are new to you.

If you’re trying to kill yourself, I could think of worse ways.

But assuming you’re not I would be very, very careful with that.

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Only if you consider respiratory arrest dangerous.

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It doubt it will hurt you too much. Pills and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Maybe if you were shooting morphine and drinking you might quit breathing but a few beers and a 7.5 hydrocodone x 500 apap will not make you keel over. The worst thing is the acetaminophen and alcohol on your liver and kidneys. I have always had the motto “Kill the liver.”

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^ that is some stupendously bad advice.

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buster, you know i have nothing but love for you, so i’m going to assume you’re just joking, and not assume that you read jasongarret’s link to vicodin’s drug facts and then just wrote exactly the opposite of what it said, because that’s kind of what it sounds like…

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What is “danger” really anyway? :^>

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YES, you should absolutely avoid even a little alcohol while taking Vicodin or any other narcotic painkillers. I realize that alcohol is a type of “anesthetic” for the pain in addition to the painkillers but having both in your system at the same time can cause liver damage, breathing problems to the point of respiratory arrest, and other major side effects that could possibly kill you. That’s why there’s warning labels on your prescription bottle. Many people simply ignore the warnings and drink alcohol anyway but is it really worth the risk? I hope your answer is “No.”

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When i drink and take vicodin at the same time, i always make sure to take the 10/325s. Less apap/ killer buzz. Terrible for your body though. But hey, we’re all slowly dying anyway. It’s your life, do as you please. I keep my eyes red and tight so my teeth can look white.

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Last weekend I drank 14 beers and popped a vicodin half way through my binge drinking. I was drinking all day 3–11. The next morning I felt alright besides a minor hangover and this was without hardly drinking enough water. I’ve had the shits for a few days now. My advice is if you’re gonna do both, keep the alcohol to a minimum, as well as the vics. Hey lets face it, anything in moderation is alright.

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@jaywiddle: You might want to reread your answer ^^ when you are clean and sober. Just a tad incoherent, if you don’t mind me commenting.

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@gailcalled : I smell troll up there. :^>

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ive done vicodin and drink alcohol it not a good thing but it didnt kill me
mush have been the best feeling ever

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to the 15yr old when i was ur age i did alot of drugs n thought i was cool cause i did alot now im 29 in the only thing that came from those drugs was bad habits and health problems i shouldnt b havin for alteast another 15yrs if ur lucky u will live long enough to realize how friggin stupid u are

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Cause alot of the people i did those drugs with r not here today

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Actually, I just did some research on this. Now, if you’re asking whether it’s safe or not to have a glass of wine after taking one Vicodin the answer is that you should be fine. Beware of the multiple effect which will make if feel the effects of both more distinctly and be sure not to to do any driving. If you were to make this a habit over a long period of time you will cause some liver damage. If you knocked back several cocktails after a handful of Vicodin, you risk immediate risks to any number of vital systems.

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ive had like 10 shots tonight, and i have some vicodin left over.. i just popped one.. ill let you know how it turns out. If i dont respond assume that I died and it was a bad idea.

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I cracked my rib snowboarding 2 days ago and have been taking 1 vicodin every 4 hours with beer and shots. I also have been taking vicodin without alcohol. As far as I’m concerned..the alcohol does not do much to take away this excruciating pain. I now plan on sticking to the vicodin, and avoid all the health risks; after talking to a doctor today and reading up on this subject.

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Anything that makes you feel good can be addictive. Vicodin is hydrocodone and massive amounts of Tylenol. 10 vicodin a day contain approx 25 doses of Tylenol.Mixing it with alcohol is deadly. My sister became addicted 20 yrs ago.She has almost died several times. She has been arrested 11 times,spent 1 yr in state prison,lost her teeth,lost her hair,gained 75 pounds,has a pacemaker/defibulator implanted in her chest(this is to restart her heart when it stops and it does). The doctors say that one day it will fail to work.She will then be out of her misery. She lost her drivers license and is afraid to leave the house. THIS IS THE TRUTH!. By the way she is 46 years old. Please don’t assume that you will get away with it.

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You should avoid drinking alcohol or using any other sedatives when taking prescription pain medication because it can decrease your drive to breathe. Also, both the alcohol and the tylenol portion of the vicodin go through the liver, putting you at risk for liver inflammation.

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@Flavio: Also puttiing the OP at risk for living.

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An average person can drink and take vicidon at least one time before it kills you, pending dosage. You people sound like you get your information directly from the FDA…oh wait. It won’t kill you. I’d be more worried about getting addicted then dying.

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I had actually got on here to investigate if my drinking while using vicodin was what caused my abdominal pain and im thinking yes…. Im 26 and have had 10 years of partying like a rock star now everyday i feel older easily feel 46 and its all do to over use of cocaine,marijuana, lsd,mushrooms, pills and alcohol i agree with buster im 26 and have lost over 10 friends to drug addictions

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Buster had one of the most brilliantly stated… well statments.. that i have heard recently. haha

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Doctors recommend you drink no more than 3 alcoholic beverages a day when taking Vicodin. But, who are doctors compared to the brainiacs who have have posted such ludicrous nonsense on this board.

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@BillBillyWilliam: ^That is potentially lethal advice. No reputable medical research will support your irresponsible statement.

One of many reputable medical sources:

“Avoid drinking alcohol while taking Vicodin. Alcohol may increase your risk of liver damage while taking acetaminophen. Cold or allergy medicine, narcotic pain medicine, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, antidepressants, or seizure medication can add to sleepiness caused by hydrocodone, or could slow your breathing. Tell your doctor if you need to use any of these other medicines while you are taking Vicodin.”

Here is what the same source says about someone with a drinking habit who may need Vicodin.

“If you are prescribed Vicodin tell your doctor if you drink more than three alcoholic beverages per day or if you have ever had alcoholic liver disease (cirrhosis). You may not be able to take medication that contains acetaminophen.”

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buster, of Vicodin or Heroin addiction which withdrawal is worse? Answer You’ll find out, the hard way. Stop taking them now. This is your final warning or you will go through the worst experience humans have ever invented. You will never be the same again IF you survive and many don’t. Try flipping a coin.

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@mass_pike4 Just out of curiosity I took a gander at your story page. You did have quite a few personal health topics sited as interests such as “strength training” and “natural health”. I find it ironic that you would give such horrifying advice. But I felt that your recent question, “Why Is My Poop Green?”, summed everything up perfectly. Way to go champ.

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Is your will made out? This should give you an honest answer.

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If you consume 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day, ask your doctor whether you should take acetaminophen or other pain relievers/fever reducers. Acetaminophen may cause liver damage. Vicodin contains Acetaminophen & should not be mixed with Alcohol, regardless of the “opiate” risk, the Acetaminophen can shut your liver down and cause serious damage or even death.

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Personally, i think that a couple vikes, a tall glass of vodka, and a nice cruise around the city in your moms car (not yours incase of an accident) makes for a killer tuesday night

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