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What do you think about eye cream in the fridge?

Asked by adamwilliams (69points) June 29th, 2011

I’ve used cool tea bags before, but keeping my eye cream in the fridge might be a fight with my roommates – there are five of us after all, and fridge real estate is precious. I’m curious to know if it is worth my trouble or not.

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Does your eye cream come in a large, cup size container? The eye creams I have are very small. You can just put it in one of the the egg shaped spaces in the door and that’s it.

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If I put one of the many eye creams I own but rarely use in the fridge, there would be even less chance of me remembering to slather it on my fizzog. It would be cold but unused… my teenage son might eat it too. He eats everything else I leave in the fridge.

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Why not try it?
If someone complains, you can always take it back out.

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Why do you want to refrigerate it? It does not require it or even recommend it, does it?

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What are your protocols regarding the vertical aspects of your fridge space?
I.e., can you store a container of your eye cream on top of one of your other fridge items?

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I don’t think your roommates would have a problem with that. I wouldn’t.

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