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Does anyone know when the last Jean M Auel book is coming out?

Asked by zahava85 (131points) April 28th, 2008

Shelters of Stone was published in 2002 and there is supposed to be at least one more book in the series. Any idea when this might happen?

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It’s been rumored that it might come out sometime this year, but that’s all I can tell you. I heard it will be titled “Ayla.” I named my cat Ayla after reading Clan Or The Cave Bear a very long time ago.

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Like many other readers, I have eagerly awaited the conclusion of this great series of stories.

My greatest fear was that this one would suffer the same fate as “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordon. Jordon passed away in the last year with the final book unreleased. After almost 10,000 pages, you can not help wanting to know how that series ends!!

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Well I don’t think Jean Auel is sick! So hopefully we’ll get our conclusion eventually..

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