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Please join me in congratulations Asmonet on 20K!

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) June 30th, 2011

That’s right, she hasn’t managed to break this place, but Asmonet has broken 20,000! Congratulations to one of my very favorite jellies!

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Good job, Asmonet! I can hear your eyes rolling at the thought of a 20K party… XP

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Awe! let em roll.:D….\o/ \o/ Cheers and 20 thousand Congratulations!

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Congrats on the 20 Grand @Asmonet!

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Hey nice job. Congrats to an insightful member of the pack.

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who are you again . . .

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All right! Congratulations!

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I don’t know that I’ve ever interacted with @asmonet, but 20k is an achievement for anyone! Way to go :)

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Congrats! =)

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I’ve no idea who you are, must be talking to an angel. Tsk, sweet dreams are made of these, maybe i’m asleep then. Oh dear, gotta run here comes the rain again.
Congrats on the OBE too ;¬}

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Artist formerly know as Jude

To me, you’re what Fluther is all about. You are definitely my favorite person here. I miss your spot-on posts (you always made the most sense of anyone) and when you would take on the Fluther a-holes. You’re smart and lovely and DON’T YOU EVER LEAVE!!! Hear me!!! :)

Congrats, Asmonet!!!!!

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@Seelix and @ucme, y’all missed out. She’s wonderful.

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Congratulations on a most bodacious achievement! You’re one of my favorite Jellies and one of the best responders, I’ve ever seen, with sarcastic, brutally honest, and off the cuff hilarious answers on so many different topics.

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Congratulations! Although I don’t know you very well at all, this is a great accomplishment! I’ve seen your answers around and you are quite a character! :)

Congrats on 20k!

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A colorful picture you paint!

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Congratulations @asmonet, well done you!

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hip hip… HOORAY! hip hip…

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My fluther daughter is all grown up!!! I Lurve you @asmonet !!! You are a feisty artistic spirit and you make me smile, and sometimes laugh so hard that my hot chocolate comes out my nose.

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Congratulations!! :)

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Yay! You are the sweetest feisty bitch I know!

Much love & Congrats! xoxo

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Congratumalationisticalatory @asmonet !!

A Smile Makes One Nod Every Time

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I hope you’ve gotten enough sleep. You’re gonna have to stay up late ‘CAUSE WE’RE GETTIN’ THIS PARTY STARTED! Wooooo!

Congrats on 20K! It’s always great to see you here, @asmonet!

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Congrats @asmonet!!! Cupcakes all around!

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Oh, yay! Congrats to our own ‘brat’. You know I lurve you, girlie!

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YAAAAAAY! One of my favorite jellies. :)


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Félicitations, @asmonet! It’s always great to see you around!

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Way to go @asmonet !

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Congratulations, @asmonet! Pancakes all around!

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AsNoWay, Asmonet! Hip Hooray for Twenty-Kay!

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What? You haven’t been here in the mansion all along? I could’ve sworn we have been partying together forever! Congratulations!

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TERRIFIC!!!!! GREAT WORK!!! I just wish you were here more often.

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I hope you have a great time at the mansion and you enjoy your party. Congratulations! Whoops, look out though, don’t trip over that giant cheese fountain : )

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I’m so glad you’re back around. :)

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Hey @Asmonet You were on of the first people I met here. Congrats on the 20K.

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Congratulations :-)

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Congrats @Asmonet!

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Congratulations! :)

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Don’t know you personally but I like your posts and 20,000K is such a huge achievement. Well done. Hope I will get to know you over the next 20K.

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Gah! Thank you so much, all of you! You’re all sweethearts and really got me jazzed on an otherwise bummer day. I know I’ve been in and out, I love this place. I really do and I intend to make a comeback. Those of you who don’t know me well yet, you will soon enough.

@JilltheToothPFFT. WHATEVER. Celebrate me forever, who am I to complain?

@Blondesjon – I am the sweetest feisty bitch your wife, @jonsblond knows. An award in itself. ;)

@Mama_Cakes / @Bluefreedom – You guys are two of my favorite jellies, and I’m super glad I know you if only on the internet. Thank you so much, your words meant a lot to me. :)

….I actually just ran out of time as I need to haul ass out of here and start the day. But I am going to get back to all of you I swear!

Thank you, thank you, thank you lovely lovely jellyfish.

I’m going to go get pancakes at McDonalds to start my day off right now.

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@asmonet: You have been consistently one of my most mature, wise, funny, artistic and sensible surrogate daughters. (I wish that I could take credit for that but, alas…) It has been and is a real pleasure.

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Congratulations, and how awesome is it that you are getting actual pancakes in real life? I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. :D

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@asmonet When I first got here, you were all over the place, and I loved your comments. If I saw your avatar, I knew I was going to like what I saw.

But now you have deprived us of your presence far too much. What’s your excuse? Real life??? Hah!!!!

So Congratulations on achieving 20K. And be here more often! I miss you!

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Oh, smone, you’re my girl. Lurve you. Congrats. You’re the best!!

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@asmonet I’m so very sorry to be late to your party! You definitely deserve the 20K and all the accompanying accolades!

I missed you while you were gone, and I am glad you came back.

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Congro Rats! You deserve all the lurve you get!

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We go way back. I admired your posts from the beginning. Welcome home, Asmo!

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Holy mother of cats!! How the hell did I miss this?!

There’s a handful of jellies who basically are Fluther to me – you’re one of them. I’m thrilled you made it to 20K but even more thrilled at the promise of seeing you around the lagoon more often.

Don’t ever leave. This joint can always use more zing.

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There’s a handful of jellies who basically are Fluther to me

My sentiments exactly, @cprevite. I was wanting to say something like that, but of course, you said it better. =)

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@jonsblond: I don’t know…”sweetest, feisty bitch” has a certain je ne sais que my answer lacks. ;^)

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To the jelly one can always count upon for a brutally honest and frequently smart ass answer, congratulations.

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Sorry, I missed this somehow, but then I nearly missed my own 10K party. 20kongratulations @asmonet

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Hey, congrats on a terrific accomplishment. I always look forward to seeing your take on a Q. Good for you.

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