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Can invisible unicorns see each other?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16598points) July 1st, 2011

Okay, I’m not being quite as ridiculous as first appears, so bear with me.

We know the majority of the matter in the universe is dark matter. We also calculate that, on balance, there are probably millions of advanced species living on planets scattered about the universe. So considering those two facts it is possible, maybe even probable, that there are conscious entities made from dark matter (I have not hear of any characteristics of dark matter that would preclude this possibility).

However the problem with dark matter is that it is quite invisible. In fact we are yet to directly observe any. The Standard Model says that every matter particle is accompanied by an energy particle though, so we expect dark matter to have some sort of means by which it may be detected.

So if a species exists that is made out of dark matter (in this case a unicorn), would it also come with appropriate apparatus by which it could see its fellows? How would they interact? Or does the absence of knowledge about such a mechanism preclude their existence in the first place?

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Perhaps something made of dark matter sees things differently than our eyes visually do. The only way we could really find out is if we were able to study dark matter.

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Of course they can. How cold they mate, otherwise?

And of course they may be invisible, but they are still pink.

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@whitenoise Or, perhaps they are lone creatures who do not mate in the same way we do – or even not mating at all. They may even be intersexual ..which, being this mysterious dark matter, may be able to procreate with themselves. By the way, unicorns are suppose to be white! :P

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Yes, they give off an aura invisible to the human visual perception, but visible to the unicorns themselves.

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Yes. They think we are fictional, however.

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I’m going to say no they can’t. That’s okay though, fortunately unicorns have spotty arses. This makes foreplay & any subsequent sexual union very much on a par with braille reading.
I may have just made that up of course.

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We may not see them, but we can observe their presence through their effects on our world. Indirect observation, therefore:

These revelations came to us in 1995 from the Religion and Ethics forums of AOL. We are searching for the Prophetess that brought them to us.

The Shrine of the Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) is the Laundry Room.

It is proved because, if you notice in your socks – you often find holes in them when you pull them out of the dryer – pierced by her horn during a visitation to your shrine – doubt it not!

Sometimes the whole wash comes out pink – a proof of Her Pinkness if there ever was one. It is said that She cavorts with one of her chosen Stallions in the midst of the spinning laundry. It is the afterglow of their lovemaking that imbues clothes with Her pinkness.

Also ye may know that ye have been especially blessed if you find that one of your socks has gone missing. Surely a sign from Her Horniness. If anyone questions why ye are missing a sock, simply reply “My Mistress had need of it.” No one is certain what She does with the socks, but rejoice for ye were chosen to make this sacrifice.

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Everything we know about conciousness, is what we know about us. I really don’t know what we have in organizational similiarity to dark matter that would allow the hypothesis. So it sounds sort of like science fantasy to me, which is always fun.
Uness we have something in common with dark matter that might lead it to organize its parts into consiousness the way we have (and you can tell me all about that if you choose) I would say no. Gotta stick with what you know

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I would assume they could see each other the same way that we see each other. They would just be invisible to us and we to them.

did you all hear that bang? i just blew my own mind.


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Yes. It works like Gay-dar.

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They’re so not invisible to each other. ;-)

But seriously, it really depends on what is meant by “see.” You seem to have a fairly loose definition of it, so I would say certainly they can see each other. The evidence that we have for dark matter is the effects that are observed on normal matter and energy in particular circumstances. Anything that has an influence that is observable by us is, by definition, observable.

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