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Are there any brown-eyed cats?

Asked by Allie (17541points) April 2nd, 2009

I saw a website of macro photos of cat eyes. They ranged from yellow to orange to blue to green. I got to talking about it with my mom and we both wondered if cats do (or can) have unmistakably brown eyes.

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i have yet to see one.
bu tthat would be very unique and cool to see one.
you usually only see blue, green, and sometimes yellow eyes.

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Here’s a page with a cute brown-eyed kitty link.

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Here’s an interesting article on the subject. I’ve never seen a brown-eyed cat; only dark amber and copper colors.

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wow! that cat is beautiful! its really cool to see one!

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I think most of the color in that picture is reflected flash in an amber-eyed cat.

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oh i see it now that i look more closely…even the pupils have a “brownish” tint.
it is really cool to see a cat even with amber eyes, i had only seen the traditional eye colors for them.
the article that you posted is very informative, i like it alot.

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I think copper or bronze is probably the closest you get to brown eyes on cats – quality of light lending to the eye color effect. Persians often have copper colored eyes. Oh, another kitty pic Link.

Also, look at pictures of Asian Leopard cats – those eyes are bronze/brown. Link.

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Almost every cat has a brown eye.

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We have one cat who is a very pale orange and who has dark amber eyes – the contrast makes him look as if he has brown eyes, particularly in photos. However, he actually doesn’t.

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hmm, i never thought about this. i guess i’ve never seen one.

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MY cat has brown eyes.

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I have a cat who has brown eyes. They are not amber. They are a medium brown. She is a semi-long hair, black with medium gray trim on her tail and rear legs. I named her Zombie, because she looked so different. Her mother is a black long hair with yellow eyes and all possibiltes of the father have yellow or light green eyes. I have never seen a cat with brown eyes except her. I would love to know how this is possible and how rare it really is. She is also very intelligent.

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I have a cat with chocolate brown eyes. She is solid black and also a polydactal with 26 toes, eight on each front paw and 5 on each back paw. I found her under my van one morning she was about 5 weeks old. I found her around Halloween so we named her Spooky.

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I have a couple cats with brown eyesss(:

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I have one with brown eyes. I had never seen one before him either., which is how I came to be Googling and landed here lol

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I’ve had 3 cats with brown eyes. All of them were stray kittens, 2 from the same litter one short hair completely black, and the other a tortise shell. The third was white and orange patched with long hair.

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My cat is brown eyed. I can’t post a picture here but he is a ginger cat with dark brown eyes. His litter mate also had dark brown eyes. I never realized they were rare.

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I have a brown eyed cat. My cat only had one kitten. Mom is grey with patches of different colors. Dad is pure black. Kitten came out, a boy orange tabby cat with brown eyes. Both parents have g reen. Strangest thing ive ever witnessed

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