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What is the best thing you use for cooking in your kitchen?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) April 28th, 2008

What would you not be without? I love my “kitchenaid.”

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My knife. The food processor ranks pretty high up there, though.

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George Foreman allready scored the K.O. with the Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine. And coming soon the lean mean fat grilling machine with speakers and ipod and iphone jacks.

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My wine opener. I drink wine while I cook

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“A little for the food, a little for the chef…”

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olive oil.

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definitely kitchenaid ranks up there. I use my microplane grater for everything though.

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Stove/Oven. Can’t really go far without those!

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My cuisinart mixer!

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These work wonders, actually better than many electric versions.

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hows that song by Dire Straits go? got a microwave oven something something we got to move these color tvs

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Pressure cooker!

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@lady- have you fried chicken in yours? I’m about to attempt it.

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@ buster refrigerators

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My wife adds “Love” (Lurve) to everything she makes….
I truly am spoiled…..

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Nothing like an extra helping of TLC…
[did I really just write that??]

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Got to love the herbs. The right amount with the right foods and tada…delicious.

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@peedub… No I haven’t tried fried chicken but I have seen the recipe. Please get back to me and let me know how it
worked for you.

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My grandmothers o’keefe & merritt gas stove, circa 1950, that I inherited. At times I sense that my grandmother is still close at hand watching over my food preparation! From steaks and roasts to pancakes, cookies and pies, I’ve never seen a finer stove.

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I love my 8” Henkel Chef Knife.

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a good Henckels chef knife is my #1.

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cast iron pan: wont cause cancer and makes things taste delicious!

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