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How do you stop a procrastinator from procrastinating?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) April 28th, 2008 from iPhone


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I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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ha ha real funny…..

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burn the sofa. burn the t.v. burn the wii. allow no fluthering until the lawn is mowed, trash is emptied, home improvements are complete, and dinner is cooked.

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You have to wait for the right moment.

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Give them a deadline that is significantly earlier than the “real” deadline…

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Make putting it off the more painful option.

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thumb screws

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you really can’t stop a procrastinator from procrastinating.

unless you ask them to do something even MORE important than what you really want them to do…...but that will work only if they’re a structured procrastinator.

Good luck!

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Perhaps you need to do a root-cause analysis and find out what’s causing this procrastinator to procrastinate in the first place. You may need to help them re-strategize their priorities, perhaps refocus their efforts or alleviate some responsibilities…..realize new synergies for optimized efficiency…........hang on! I’m not at work!!

Just ask them why they’re not getting things done and if you can help them improve.

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