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What restaurant dishes have you come to appreciate more after trying to cook them yourself?

Asked by Jeruba (48719points) March 13th, 2019

If you’ve ever tried to reproduce a great restaurant dish at home, or even just handle a fussy ingredient or technique that takes practice, maybe you’ve gained a new appreciation for the pros who routinely turn out perfection.

What have you tried at home, only to find out that it was not as simple as it looked?

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Probably not considered great, but what comes to mind is Chinese egg rolls. I’m not very good at wrapping them, but I do like my homemade ones better than the restaurant. I don’t deep fry mine. I do buy the wrappers ready to wrap.

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Pretty much anything oriental. My stir fry always comes out a little limp, I don’t get the right flavor on the sauces.

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I rarely have steak but when I do, I’d rather order it in a really good steak place than make it at home.

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Asian stir fry.

Indian curry dishes.

Pizza dough.

Mexican food, especially mole which is too time consuming.

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I agree with @seawulf575. Asian cooking is hard to nail (for me). Many dishes have huge ingredient lists that take forever to prep.

This Thai Chicken Larb over Jade Rice recipe is delicious and worth doing (you don’t need to join HelloFresh, I just like looking at their recipes). Unlike many Asian dishes, this one isn’t too tricky and it tastes better than the version I get from my local Thai restaurant. It’s such a nice blend of sweet, salty, touch of bitterness, heat, and acid.

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I agree and also most definitely with @Kardamom about Indian food. My Ex and I took a class and have done some Indian cooking but it is usually better at a good Indian restaurant.

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Sauces… no luck with any but simplest dressings and sauces, and they can make such a difference.

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Any type of Asian food. When I make them, it’s edible, but definitely nothing like the restaurant.

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Pizza, specifically the dough. Soups.

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Quesadillas. With cheese and taco meat.

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All of them, really.

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Yes, yesterday when I tried to make Spanish rice in my rice cooker. Epic fail.

The rice cooker’s heating element appears to have stopped functioning correctly. Time to ditch it.

So I scooped the half cooked rice into a pot and tried to finish it that way. No dice.

I went to the local taco shop and spent $25 for the amount of rice that I needed. The cost for making it homemade, if the rice cooker hadn’t crapped out, was about $5.

I am making homemade enchiladas, and beans though, to go with the rice. No need for a rice cooker.

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TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR RICE??? Are you feeding an army?

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It’s for a family friend who lost their wife and mother. Enough for tonight’s dinner, and plenty to freeze for leftovers. It’s part of a community meal train.

Everybody picks dates from the calendar, to bring meals to the family, plus enough extra to freeze, for extra meals. I got one of the catering pans of rice.

I could have made that amount if my rice cooker hadn’t died.

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I like my Egg McMuffins better than McDonald’s Egg McMuffins.

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