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What are some clever responses for when you hear people brag?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 1st, 2011

What do you say when someone brags about their profession, salary, possessions? (Just a few examples of what someone could brag about)

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I can’t think of anything that I could possibly be impressed by. I also happen to be lucky to not have anyone I know do this. Most of the people I know speak apologetically when admitting their possessions or salary. “I wish we didn’t have such a big house, but it’s really important to my husband” or “If it were up to me, we’d get rid of cable tv. My wife is just not ready yet.”

Since they know that possessions to me are burdens, they are reluctant to admit the crap they accumulate. Since they know I’m not impressed by some supposedly-important profession or high-salary, they don’t flaunt it.

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Silence and a blank stare seem to work.

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“That sounds hard/great/wonderful/ (or what ever fits)” I am not against people bragging if it makes them feel good, why not?

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There’s always the old standby…

“Don’t break your arm pattin’ yourself on the back.”

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I don’t know, it depends IF they really ARE bragging.
I live a relatively simple, middle of the road life, am not status conscious, but, on the other hand, there is no shame in enjoying some of the finer things in life either.

I’d hate to think that someone might think I was bragging if I simple express how much fun I had traveling in Asia last year, or that I love my cool little house in the woods and my lifestyle.

There is pretentiousness and narcissism and then there is, simply, enjoyment and pleasure in whatever turns one on. So first I’d say, make sure someone is really bragging or you then become judgmental yourself and risk looking like you’re the one with a sour grapes attitude.

The flip side of braggarts is the person who can never squeeze out a complement.

I guess I might sound like I’m bragging if I say I happen to love to find reasons to complement others! lol

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Well I’m annoyed by people who “fish for compliments”. It’s not enough that we acknowledge how wonderful you are, we must continually reinforce what we’ve already acknowledged.

Give it a rest already.

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Oh yea, that story gets better every time you tell it…..

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Sometimes they’re just being happy and thankful, and it’s the best thing to resonate with that. If they are fishing for compliments, or any other manipulation, politely deflect to another topic.
If someone is a repeat offender you could repeat something like “Oh, really?” enough times they might get the hint.

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I usually stay quiet.

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If they really are fishing, I would probably just ignore it and definitely not give them the admiration they want.

If they constantly go on about how wonderful they are, same answer as above.

If the person has genuinely done something good/impressive and isn’t normally a bragger, then I would congratulate them. I don’t subscribe to this view that people should hide their successes out of modesty. I (and I think a lot of people do) find it difficult to speak up about my achievements but if I don’t who will! It isn’t my main topic of conversation though. I work with people who very transparently make sure everyone knows whenever they achieve anything and it is cringe worthy.

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I let them indulge. I support them. If they are proud of themselves then perhaps they have a reason to be. Or perhaps they are insecure and need my approval. In either case, I loose nothing by being happy for them.

And, what goes around comes around. When I have something to brag about in the future, I hope someone will listen to me.

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I say congrats and that I’d like to share a bit of my own joy with you…let me whisper it in your ear

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If I think/know they are doing it to get a response? I do not respond.
If I think/know they are just the type of person that prefers to talk about themselves, I’ll interject politely.

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I heard someone once say, “Are you your biggest fan?”

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@perspicacious That’s a good one. Wouldn’t want to stick around for the answer, though.

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@SABOTEUR I’m laughing. I wouldn’t say that myself—it’s a little too much and I’m a pretty direct person. I would probably go with the blank stare along with silence. :)

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“Your mother must be very proud.”

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Your accomplishments are exceeded only by your humility. ;-)

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People seem to have an innate ability to make wherever they are the morally victorious place to be. They’ll brag about having a lofty profession, and they’ll brag about having a lowly profession; they’ll brag about making a lot of money, and they’ll brag about making very little money; they’ll brag about living luxuriously with many possessions, and they’ll brag about living simply with few possessions. And by “they,” of course, I mean “we.”

I suppose my all-purpose response would be, “well, if that works for you.”

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“Yeah, me too!
“Is that all?
“Been there, done that.”

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