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What have you lost that you can't replace?

Asked by AshLeigh (16340points) September 2nd, 2011

I guess I only ask this because I just realized that Asher can never be replaced.
I’m gonna miss him.

We miss you, Asher.
For the rest of forever.
Happy birthday, love.

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@tom_g, we’ve all lost that. :/

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My Mom.

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Aside for the many wonderful people I have lost throughout my life, I also lost a little tiny baby ring that was given to my mother by her great aunt when I was born. I loved that ring, it was taped in my baby book for years, when I was about 15 I pulled it out to play with it and haven’t seen it since.

Over the years I have also lost my innocence, my youth, and a lot the will I had to fight my innate cynicism.

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My mom.

Sure do miss her….

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I’ve lost some things in my life, @AshLeigh. I’ve lost people too. The people mean alot more to me than the things. You can never replace people, Sweetie. When they are gone all we have are the memories of our time together or stories of fun times they told us or stories we know because others who knew them shared with you.

When you are feeling sad, think about the smiles and the laughs. I’ve lost people that I loved when I was young and people I’ve loved since I’ve gotten older. I’ve lost babies, a husband and I’ve lost my mother. It never gets easier, it just quits becoming so shocking in the beginning.

I guess what I’m saying is, be happy and make wonderful memories. Don’t have any regrets. In that I mean doing fun things with people you love. Laugh with them and cry with them and dance with them and share parts of yourselves with each other in a special way that you’ll always remember. Good times.

Happy birthday Asher, @AshLeigh‘s friend.

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Memories, collagen, a half-inch of height and hair —not necessarily in that order. On balance, I’ve gained more in my life than I’ve lost. The people who’ve been left behind for various reasons are part of the circle of life, and others can and do fill the void.

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“Of all the things I’ve lost,
I miss my mind the most”

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Lately, I have not been liking the place I am. So right now, I am missing the Pacific Northwest.

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All of the cartilage in my knees.

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My marbles.

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Belief that a friend was a good person.

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Not trying to be rude but only thing I lost and I can’t replace is my virginity.

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My temper. Closely followed by the argument. Many times.

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@Pisces, I always win. :)

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My daughter.

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My dog Rico.

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I lost a couple years worth of pictures on a crashed computer. That stung. There are a few drama laced things I lost but I won’t bore ya all with them.

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My sister. :(

She’s been on my mind so much lately.

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The 1980’s.

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My dear sweet babies. One is nearing 50 years old now, and the other is over 30. Three of my grandkids are over 21 and even the two newest ones are little boys now. I have their pictures on a rotating screen for my computer screen saver, and when I see the baby pictures, I miss them.

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My grandmother, who raised me until I was about 12 years old. My father, who, although we were never close, was a wise and honest man. My best friend from college, Peter Borsay, who was killed in Vietnam while I was there. My little Keeshound, Breda, who was just about the best dog a man could ever have. My little sealpoint Ragdoll cat, Skuttles, who loved me more than any other animal could have. And various organs of my body which have been removed or otherwise altered over the years for one reason or another!

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Time, people, love.

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I think it was my memory—but I can’t remember.

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My cell phone. <tear>

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His love…

Also, my inherent trust in people in general…

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@blueberry_kid, that’s depressing…

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@AshLeigh It is sad…no texting until my ugrade comes in. In a year.

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I’ve lost a couple friends over the years for one reason or another. I recently lost a friend in August that I wish I could get back.

On one hand, I miss them and would love to have the friendship restored, but on the other hand, I wonder if there was a good reason for the friendship to end?

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My youth (my aching back)

My internet connection (I’m borrowing someone els’s computer)

My appetite (just read @KateTheGreat‘s boil thread)

My nerve (I shoulda told that douchey guy what I thought of his behavior)

My friend’s phone number (she’s been down on her luck and has had her phone disconnected several times this year and I can’t find the current number. God, I hope she calls me)

Probably all of my computer files (my computer froze up yesterday and appears to have a virus, despite my constant use of malware bytes)

My cravings for carnitas (actually I lost all cravings for meat over 20 years ago, so that’s good)

My way (still trying to find that)

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My virginity and teenage innocence haha. Sometimes I wish I could be a teenager again at the end of high school about to embark in the real world

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A year later—I’m glad that friendship ended. I realized how much I subjugated myself to this friend. So, my new answer… I’ve lost my willingness to put others first all the time. Not a bad thing at all!

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