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why do the insides of my ears hurt sometimes when i go running in cold weather?

Asked by sfgal (280points) June 14th, 2007

if I run when it's a little cold out, I get headaches inside my ear (not the earlobes). Does this happen to anyone else? and if so, why?

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not really sure, but my guess would be that it's something akin to why some people's teeth hurt when they eat ice cream. when bone nerves get cold, they can really put up a fuss. lots of bone is close to the surface around the ear. have you tried wearing ear muffs?

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lots of blood flows through your ears. cold causes construction of blood vessels (everywhere, not just your ears) and this constriction reduces blood flow and thus oxygen flow into the delicate and sensitive ears. restricted oxygen = headache. also the tensor tympani, which are the muscles which hold the ear drum taught, are subject to the cold just like any other muscle.

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that is an absolutely amazing answer. thanks sam!

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I wonder if this is connected also to why sometimes ears hurt in cold water--and then develop swimmer's ear?

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Does the pain occur in your outer or inner ear? If in your inner ear, it is possible the exertion causes you to breathe heavily through your mouth rather than your nose, and the air is not sufficiently warmed by your body before it hits the passageways leading to your inner ear that ordinarily equalize pressure on your eardrums.

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a pleasure, evan!

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Hi guys I am also getting blood from my ears and thiers lots off pain in my lower jaw ,Do u have any idea y i am getting blood in my ears.I live in cold weather as well—

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i have the exat same problem, me and my mom have always had to where ear muffs or else we only last about 20–30 min. in cold weather.

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idk but its happening right now im kinda worried

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