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Can you help me with a pain in my foot from running?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) December 10th, 2013

I’ve started running over the past 4 months. At first everything was going well. Then after a month I noticed some sensitivity(pain) to touch on the outer surface area above my right ankle! So, I asked around and I was told that my shoes were probably too old (5 years) and needed to be replaced. That is what I did, and voila, no more pain.

Fast forward two months… I’ve been running, and everything is going well. When I was running one time I ran off the street and back onto the sidewalk. One of those strides was uneven and onto a curb with my right foot. I felt zero pain, but I thought to myself I probably shouldn’t land unevenly like that anymore.

When I was finished running two days later I got home and noticed that I was feeling a dull ache at my arch. I thought, well I’ve been running I’m going to experience some pain! So I kept running over the next few days. It got worse! That’s when I stopped. So I laid off of it and didn’t run for about two weeks. The pain subsided completely, and today I decided to try to run again and see how things went. When I got home it was back. Not very intense but it’s there.

Important details: I have mild pes planus. I wear asics gel kayano 20’s. I’m 25–35 years old. I’m male. I’m running about 2 miles and it’s taking me 13 minutes. My BMI is like 21–22.

I think I am suffering from some sort of plantar fasciitis. An experienced runner suggested foot muscle building exercises to me, and a few books.

I’d like everyone’s consensus. I’d describe myself as a beginner with some past military running experience that created no injuries.

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Sounds like plantar fasciitis. Everyone I know who has it had to run less. Some people eventually got over it, but many people I know had to permanently modify how much they run. If it were me, and I am not a doctor, I would stop running for a couple of weeks and hope it heals up. Going forward I would alternate my exercising to different things. Running one day, swimming another, etc. Moderation. I am always afraid of doung too much of one thing, or one motion will mean one day I might never be aboe to do it again. Many runners have all sorts of problems. Foot and knee are the two I hear the most. If their are exercises like the other runner suggested it sounds like it would be worth a try. If you go to a doctor they might tell you some exercises also, or send you to a physical therapist for a few visits to learn some techniques.

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Stop running! —and yes, I agree with @JLeslie.
Running is incredibly hard on the joints, feet, knees etc.
Brisk walking, maybe interspersed with short bursts of jogging/running, is just as effective in getting in and staying in shape. Humans are not race horses, and even they break down. We were only desinged to run on occasion from predators, not as a hobby. lol

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It could be early stages of plantar fasciitis. There is a ton of information on the web about stretches, exercises, taping techniques and massage to treat it. There are also rehab tools to wear at night to keep the foot flexed. Your shoes might not be as supportive as you need for your feet. When I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet, I went to a local running store where they measure your arch and assess your stride on a treadmill. They have a wide range of shoes for different feet and a 39-day satisfaction guarantee. They also have insoles and a lot of the massagers, kinesiology tape, braces and other rehab tools there.

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Pain in the arch of the foot may be due a number of reasons. It could be the result of plantar fasciitis or may be the result of a strain (partial tear). You should have a podiatrist carefully evaluate your injury, because both issues may significantly impact your running. Mostly simple improvements in footwear can help reduce the symptoms. For short term relief the best treatment would be to roll your foot over a frozen water bottle for five minutes at a time, five times a day. As mentioned above you could take a break from running. Pool running and swimming will keep pressure off your feet.
Check this article on plantar fasciitis.

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You run 2 miles a day for 2 months. Have your shoes been replaced again?

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@filmfann has a point, You should replace your shoes, or at a minimum the inserts, on a regular basis. It varies from person to person depending upon such factors as weight, stride and milage (you can find specifics on line) but I would say that 60 days worth of running is pushing the limit.
Inserts run about $20.00 a set so this is a cheap fix to keep you running without pain.

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Thanks everyone. I will definitely go get some advice from a local running store about shoes and my stride. @filmfann I’ve run a total of c. 75 miles over two months. These shoes costed me $160 so I can’t spend $800 a year or more on them at this point! I’d hope that they’d last at least 500 miles! They’re like brand new.

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Oh, one more important point…I stand for eight hours a day in one spot, on a mat.

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I am not anywhere this anal or intense but I had a boss who bought new top of the line New Balance shoes every six weeks. He ran between three and seven miles a day at the time. Actually he would buy them five or six pair at a time and just replace them as he thought necessary.

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