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What's to like about "Juno"?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) April 28th, 2008

I watched about 15 minutes of it and thought it sucked. I hate it when writers make children speak like adults, and I hated the phony dialogue between Rainn Wilson’s character and Juno.

So what am I missing?

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The sex? Oh wait…yuck.

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I concur one hundred percent. It was overstylized to the point where I wondered, why are they trying so hard? To me it seemed like one big MTV-esque charade to place products. There was too much lame slang, and goofy ‘cool’ outfits. Oh, and the plot totally blew. Even the part where they trade band names is so ghey, they could have done a lot better. If I hear that Moldy Peaches song one more time I might projectile vomit. I apologize in advance to any that liked it. Many of my friends did, which is why I think I am so passionate about disliking it. They talked it up way too much.

I also hated Knocked Up. What’s up with that film? I don’t get it.

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Haha…I thought Juno was pretty cute thought…even if the characters were crap and the music stunk. Its what the movie is within itself, without comparing it to others that allows me to like it.

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What’s to like? A few minutes of witty dialogue from someone who enjoys language.

Would’ve made a fun short film.

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@Bree- that’s a good way to look at it. I just heard too many people say it was so good. I trusted them, damn it!

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I actually know diablo Cody but I just thought the humor was dry and sarcastic I liked that

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I actually know how to save the rainforest, but I’m not telling! The rainforest wouldn’t put me in any of its movies! Not even as a back-up, but I am in a few skate vids.

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Did anyone see Ellen Page in Hard Candy? Scary!

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I think Juno was mainly for teenagers, hence why most hated it.

@peedub; yes. I must admit, she was pretty scary. I guess in her position anyone could have the same ability to do as she did.

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True. I mean, the guy was obviously a creep. I like that movie better than Juno.

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I did too. Did you catch that she was doing it all because he or his friend killed her best friend?

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yeah, I figured it out pretty early on.

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juno was an awesome movie. imo.

and kimya dawson is awesome too. half of my love for juno is for bringing her into my musical life.

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I liked the music and the quirkiness of it. Different from the average teen pregnancy flick. The trendy teen-speak was pretty annoying though.

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I thought Ellen Page’s character was way too condensending for a 14 year old (or however old she was suppose to be). That act got really old, really fast.

Speaking of Ellen Page, how are we suppose to believe her being hetero?

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@spargett (haha, my iPhone finished the word “spargett” for me. Interesting), I’m with you on that. My gaydar made every romantic image in the movie seem completely awkward and creepy. Like watching jodi foster doing straight sex.


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There were many things that could have been better about Juno; nevertheless, I liked it and recommend others watch it and form their own opionions rather than listen to the haters.

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I’m a teenager. I hated it. The language was vulgar & disgusting. It revealed no comparison to actual teenage life & certainly didn’t help the already horrible stereotype we currently suffer from. Loser movie… & i apologize as well to all who enjoyed it. I mean no offense; this is simply my opinion.

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I thought it was funny!

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Me too. I didn’t find it funny. It was dry humor and the story was too cliche. I walked out of the movie half way through

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Does this mean you guys aren’t coming over to my place to watch it? What am I supposed to do with all this popcorn?

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poor Babo

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Allright Babo, for you, but can I leave my headphones on? Why don’t we just watch something you were in. I swear that I saw you in Spirited Away.

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Babo I enjoyed it so I’ll watch it with ya. It wasn’t even comparable to real life teens but come on…. Movies are entertainment, not life parallels. I love a good zombie flick but I’m pretty sure thats not happening in real life anytime soon. On that note, you don’t hear people saying man, that zombie movie was horriable because it wasn’t life like to real zombies. Zombies are just an example by the way, you can substitute any genre or character from almost any movie. You guys are entitled to your opions but I was entertained and found it cute, quirky, and humorous.

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(Three months later…)

See, I liked how they spoke… I hate it when writers make children speak like idiots. The kids in Juno acted and spoke the way my friends and I did in high school. Smarter than the “typical” teenager but not quite as pretentiously polysyllabic as, say, Dawson’s Creek.

Also, another personal opinion: I don’t think people who only watch fifteen minutes of a movie or read three chapters of a book or listened to forty-five seconds of a song have much of a right to say they didn’t like it. How do you know? If you hadn’t given up, maybe it would’ve been one of the best things you’d ever seen/read/heard. There have been plenty of times when something bored or annoyed me at first and by the end I was a big fan.

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Michael Cera. Michael Cera, and Michael Cera alone. Michael Cera sans uber-trendy-trying-to-be-hip-because-he’s-so-nerdy wardrobe. Ms. Diablo owes that one shining ray of positivity to Michael Cera. Michael Cera.

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I myself find teen pregnancy HILARIOUS.


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I don’t know how “HILARIOUS” you’d find it if all of the sudden as a teenage girl, you look down to an prematurely distorted body, face the concept of being kicked out of your home and deserted by your “lover”, watch all of your future hopes and dreams wash away as you are now responsible for the raising of another life when you aren’t finished growing up yourself, and realize that wherever you go, whatever you do, for the next 9 months people will form unnecessary opinions of you… judging your mistake without listening to your story.

Is the idea of teenage pregnancy still causing you to hee-haw?
If so, I’d reevaluate my moral values and personal perspective.

for those of you who are wondering, no, I’m not a pregnant teenager. I believe in abstinence until marriage, but I’ve seen this happen too many times to girls all around me, and it breaks my heart…

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I’m revising my opinion. The first fifteen minutes are way overdone, but it turns into something a little more real and interesting after she announces her pregnancy to her parents.

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