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If alcohol was discovered tomorrow for the first time. Should it be banned, like other mind altering drugs?

Asked by BadMotherFluther (186points) April 29th, 2008 from iPhone

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It would be banned. Caffeine and tobacco would also be banned if discovered tomorrow. It would be banned because its primary use is not to add flavor to food. If alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco was discovered tomorrow as products used to flavor food, they would not be banned. Poisons such as MSG, nutrasweet, and trans-fatty-acids are acceptable to society only if they improve the flavor of food.

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What psyla said… long as they can pass it off as a steaktastebetterpill I’m sure it’d be accepted and loved.

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the problem is, if it was discovered tomorrow, would we know about the mind altering drugs as we do today? if we had the knowledge, experiences with drugs as we have them today we would probably ban alcohol but without we would end up where we are nowadays.
and for the record alcohol is awesome.

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Absolutely it would. Nothing makes sense, I know.

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Should it be banned or would it be banned? Obviously it shouldn’t be. Who knows if it would or not, though.

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Should it be banned? By todays standards yes, but i dont agree with it. Even though it is an absolutely horrible drug that destroys your body i still believe the individual should have the right to choose what they are consuming.But here in the land of the “free” we cant make these choices so yea itd be banned unless our government found a way to make large profits off of its sales, oh wait a minute….....

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It depends whether you value liberty (equality of rights) more than some other moral ideal, such as sobriety. For all our country’s talk of freedom, we’re very attached to a certain moral ideal which include sobriety for the youth and those at work, extracting harsh elements from the mainstream (prisons, etc.). There are obviously many things we value more than liberty.

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i agree with psyla

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you bet it would be because someone on it would get into a terrible car accident and congress would come up with a bunch of different things on why it is bad. Instead it stays legal because the industry is too big

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