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Theoretically could a mutant (X-Men) be one without realising?

Asked by Paul (2717points) July 7th, 2011

E.g – If Beast only had his super smartness (for lack of a better term) and not his animal like appearance he wouldn’t know he was a mutant would he?

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It is possible, but unlikely. Even if he was only super smart, he would notice the difference from the rest of the world.

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Firstly, being super smart doesn’t make you a mutant. It makes you a genius.
Secondly, I think a mutant would know as “mutation” is the abnormal change in the genes, which makes the change quite apparent.

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Maybe if he were in a coma or something. Or kept on drugs. But if you are at all intelligent, eventually you will start to notice differences between yourself and others.

You might think the differences were within the normal range, so you might not consider yourself a mutant. I think you have to be aware that you are really off the charts in order to even consider the idea that you are a mutant.

It’s a silly idea, anyway. Everyone is a mutant in one way or another. I have several genetic mutations, and I’m not sure if any of them are to my advantage.

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They usually don’t until something triggers their powers, but it’s hard to forget after that.

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I don’t think Beast’s intelligence is part of his mutation. Geniuses are not exempt from chromosomal abnormalities.

And, yes, I think a mutant could be one without realizing. It’s been awhile since I’ve read them, but I do vaguely recall Professor X finding several mutants (using Cerebro) who had no clue about their latent abilities. Like Blackberry said, some required a trigger of sorts.

Though are you asking about mutants that haven’t been triggered yet? Or are you asking about mutants who have enhanced abilities (e.g. increased speed, enhanced hearing) versus supernatural abilities (e.g. flying, telekinesis)?

I’d say that would depend on the level of their mutation. Can they run 1.5x faster than the average human (Olympic athlete) or 150x or 1,500,00x faster?

Also, are they freaking morons? Idiots aren’t exempt from chromosomal abnormalities either.

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@Nimis I didn’t think so either but the in the movie Nicholas Hoult claimed, when asked by mystique if his power was super smarts, “not just that” or something to that effect. Therefore not outright responding “no you stupid blue bitch” or something to that effect.

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@Paul I wouldn’t put too much weight on teenage flirty banter from a movie adaptation.

Marvel only lists his physical abilities under known superhuman powers.

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This is reminding me of Unbreakable, people with powers so subtle that they’re not given much attention to.

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