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How much might I be able to sell my 1st gen 2gb iPod Nano for?

Asked by yannick (985points) April 29th, 2008

I’m wondering whether trying to sell it is worth the hassle. If I did sell it, it wouldn’t include earphones, but would have a usb cable with it. I still have the original box etc. How much could I expect to get for it if I put it up on, say, eBay?

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i’d guess you will end up with something about 30–40 bucks.

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In eBay, you can use the “Completed Listing” search option to find items that have already ended, to get an idea of the price an item sells for. Here is a search of completed listings for ‘ipod nano 1st 2gb’ on eBay Australia (you’re in Australia, right?). There are only three there (it only goes back a few months and I was specific with search terms), but as you can see iPod nanos like yours have sold between $45 to $79 (Australian dollars).

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I actually gave my first gen 1gb nano away for free when I got my touch.

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I did the same and it feels good to give to friend that doesn’t have one. I even left it filled with music.

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Yeah well I was originally thinking of giving it away. I had a particular person in mind, but when I offered it to him he had just bought one of the latest nanos. Ah well, probably someone else I can give it to.

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