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Using an iPhone bought on eBay (Ended Contract) in Canada?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) June 29th, 2009

If I buy any old 1st gen iphone on eBay, not described as unlocked: will it work on Rogers up here in Canada?

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Plenty of Canadians have iPhones so I don’t see why not, though you may have to get a new SIM though if you’re a current AT&T subscriber, your current SIM will likely still work. You’ll have to buy a data plan.

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You want it to work on Rogers? If you buy from the USA, You’ll need to get an unlocked iPhone or get it unlocked yourself…since the iPhones in the US are locked to the ATT network.

BTW, I believe it’s much cheaper to just buy an iPhone that isn’t unlocked and then unlock it yourself. There are tons of easy, free applications and walkthroughs that can help you. Unlocking a 1st Gen iPhone is free most of the time.

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@justin5824 if its not unlocked they you will have to crack it and use it illegally. I would still recommend to get unlocked one and avoid the hassle.

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