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What kind of pet would you never want to own?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) July 7th, 2011

What animals would you never want to own and why?

I personally wouldn’t ever own a small dog. I just don’t like ‘em!

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A hairless cat.

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@MilkyWay You know that I think those are some of the cutest cats in the world, don’t ya?

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A bird, any kind of bird. That would drive me up the wall I imagine.
Oh & a tortoise.

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@KatetheGreat Yes, but please don’t hit me.
Oh, and I wouldn’t like to have tortoises either.

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Yes, no hairless dogs or cats. Actually I don’t want dogs at all anymore. Ben there done that.
Emus! My daughter has been bugging me to get Emus for years, sure, they’d look cool wandering around my big country yard, but, no way!

I have no desire to clean up after birds that poop golf balls every 15 minutes and could fillet you with a kick, not to mention always having to keep my gate closed.

I also wouldn’t have any venomous pets like certain snakes or insects.

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@MilkyWay Haha, I don’t like them when they grow up, though. I have a thing for kittens.

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I HAVE always wanted a Crow or a Raven though. I am a bird person.

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As an arachnaphobe, I think tarantulas are disgusting. My friend has one and she loves it.
@ucme They are the perfect pets to pass down to your grandkids!

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monkeys/chimps. they freak me out

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@TheIntern55 Birds or tortoises? Do tell!

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Tortoises. Another friend of mine has parakeets and whenever I call her house, I hear them in the background.

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A monkey. They throw their own poo. That alone would get on my nerves.

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My daughter had a tank of those guys for years.
Her 8th grade science teacher gave them to her.
I got used to them, but, we had knotty pine floors and for years I’d see a dark knothole out of the corner of my eye and think it was an escaped roach. haha
The escped ones blended into the floors perfectly and therefore I was conditioned to see giant roaches even when there were none. :-/

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A tank full of tropical fish. Lots of expense, lots of hard work, and you can’t even pet them. May as well look at an animation on my computer screen.

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A gorilla.

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A scorpion.
Let’s just rule out any type of bug, while I’m at it.

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A jackass.Just because I’ve dated one,doesn’t mean I want to own one.

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Rats and snakes.

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I live right next door to FIVE real jackasses. 3 little ones and two big Muley ones!
Hee Haw! When they all go off I call it the Jackass cruise line, fog horns they are!

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my cousin

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Snakes! My biology teacher had us each hold a large snake to get over any fears we might have. It felt to me like a big cold writhing tube with something moving up and down inside it. I did NOT enjoy it. And besides, if you keep a snake, you also have to have live mice to feed it. No thank you.

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Snakes. I just can’t imagine why anyone would even want one in the house.

You might think they’re a pet, but the constrictors (pythons, etc.) would really just eat you if they were big enough.

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I don’t want to own any animals….. As for the cats that live with me, I think they think they own me :-/
I just look after them…

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A fuck billed twattypuss.
Gotta think of the kids.

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I just saw an add on my local Craigslist “pets” the other day for a 12 foot Boa Constrictor of some sort, they said “no small children”..ya think? haha

I was thinking of the damn thing swallowing my cat…aaaagh!

I was just reading recently that there is a huge problem in the Everglades with released Burmese Pythons that people dump when they get too big and they are wiping out a lot of waterfowl, eating huge Herons and Cranes and other threatened species.
The park rangers have captured/killed some monsters, like 20 feet long.
Remind me to NOT go hiking in the Everglades.

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Anything that eats live animals. I would never be able to feed it.

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Tarantula (pretty much any big insect) or anything that has to eat live animals.

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I like frogs and toads, a lot. haha
I have gazillions of tree frogs around my house. It is so cool to watch them pounce on bugs under the porch light at night.
Sometimes the really teeny baby ones grab a huge moth and it takes them about an hour to choke it down. haha

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Any bird, especially geese. They hate me.

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Oooh, well…then I guess you won’t want to visit me and the geezers. lol
If you talk to Marwyn really nicely and pet his breast he will be your buddy forever. If you challenge him, you’re toast, he will goose you but good, and NEVER forget you are now a rival! haha

Geese have amazing memories.

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I wouldn’t want a ferret for obvious reasons.

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@Coloma I would want to visit you, I’ve given it some thought, and I would wear protective clothing, and try to avoid them as much as possible.

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Maybe you have bad goose karma. Maybe you were a Pate farmer in a previous life. lolol ;-)

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I wouldn’t want to try to make a pet of any typically undomesticated animal. They and their natural habitats are better off if they’re allowed to remain there.

About 6 years ago some jerks dumped an alligator into a lake in this area. Someone decided to name him Reggie, and he evaded capture for about 2 years.

In the interest of my jungle fantasy, I was hoping that he’d never get caught and grow to 20 feet, although I don’t think gators grow any larger than 13 feet. :-D

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Some people actually have big cats like lions, tigers or leopards as pets…I can’t imagine I’d ever be able to trust an animal like that…my kitties are bad enough. XD

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I always think it is rather funny, how in our ‘modern’ world everyone is so out of touch with what was, not very long ago in the grand scheme of things, an everyday happening. Coming into contact with animals that could kill you.

I live in mountain lion territory, and people just FLIP OUT when they see one. My feeling is that I’d much rather be taken down by a Cougar than a serial killer on trail. haha

Funny how natural deaths by nature are more feared than unnatural death at the hands of psychos.

Given a choice I’ll take the Mtn. Lion, a quick, clean kill, over Ted Bundy poking sticks up my ass and getting off on it. haha

Reggie eats a swimmer and the hunt is on, kid shoots a 7–11 clerk and it barely gets noticed.

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@Coloma You certainly do have a point. There have been natural deaths, like animal kills…but I think we take the rare occasions to extremes. At least, rare when compared to unnatural deaths. It’s also worth considering that just about every wild animal will run away if it comes in contact with a human, unless it feels threatened and cannot escape (and if that’s the case, you’re really asking for it in the first place) starving, or you come upon its offspring.
Some animal deaths can be painful, and not actually kill you…but again, the comparision you bring with unnatural death is quite valid. Thanks for making me think.

I choose the same as you. I don’t want a pet panther, but I’d rather have that animal ninja me to death, instead of Roch Theriault sawing off the top of my head and masturbating in my brain.

And the only reason I wrote this post was for that last bit. XD

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“I choose the same as you. I don’t want a pet panther, but I’d rather have that animal ninja me to death, instead of Roch Theriault sawing off the top of my head and masturbating in my brain.

And the only reason I wrote this post was for that last bit. XD”

LMAO- it’s certainly worth it! :-D

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True. I came face to face with a big cougar behind my barn one night a few summers ago. He/She was MAGNIFICENT! I did everything WRONG! Direct eye contact, and the cat and I stared at each other for about 30 seconds…loooong seconds, and then, he/she just calmly turned and walked away into the brush. I RAN,( bad) as fast as I could back to my house. lol

It was amazing though!

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@Coloma I bet. I’m glad nothing more happened than that. It’s not always peep’s faults if they get hurt by animals, like your example. You just ran into it.
But there’s some peeps just clueless man. On this ’‘documentary’’, Faces of Death, they show a couple in a car. A bear pops up. The guy walks up to it with his camera…the bear gets on its hind legs. We all know what that means, right? It means fuck off, or I’m fucking you up. The guy walked even closer and took a picture…and that was the end of him. I’m sorry a man died…but what the fuck else did he expect, you know?

Random tip; if you ever come across a wolf, look for this potentially dangerous gesture on its behalf; lowering his head. That’s a lot like the bear getting on his hind legs, it means it’s ready to fight if it has to.

Rather get crunched in half by Reggie than get my thigh perforated by a rusty pipe and than doused in boiling water and yaddi yadda. XD

@Brian1946 Thanks. :D

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@the100thmonkey My ex-brother in law had a lot of them in glass cages. The dangerous ones had locks on them. Their garage smelled of the caged mice he kept to feed them.

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@Brian1946 A panther is something like a leopard; except he hasn’t been peppered. If you should see a panther crouch. . .prepare, prepare to say “Ouch!” Better yet, if called by a panther . . . . don’t anther. Ogden Nash

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A Bed Bug or a Census of Worms; But then I had a pet worm once… A 5 footer in the potted plant

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A Kinkiju. The world’s top 10 most deadliest animal, that is legal, to have as a pet. Paris Hilton had one and scratched her face.

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A centipede or a millipede. Any more than eight legs and I freak. (I love spiders and snakes, though.)

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You guys need to spend a few days in my space.
Lizards running across my pillow at night, dehydrated tree frogs under the furniture, Raccoons coming through the cat door, every insect imaginable zinging around, corner of the planet is THRIVING! lol

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Anything that has not been domesticated as a species. Wild things are meant to be wild.

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@Coloma I would rather get killed by animal than a psychopath too.

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Reading through your threads this morning really cheered me up, just what I needed after a long hard nightshift, particularly……. “Given a choice I’ll take the Mtn. Lion, a quick, clean kill, over Ted Bundy poking sticks up my ass and getting off on it. Haha” cracked me up, Pmsl ;-)
By heck lass you are a tonic, thanks for that Lol…..

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Turtles…I think they are creepy:)

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A cat, because I am allergic, but my SO does, so it looks it may happen whether I want it to or not.

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Haha, really? I never knew someone that thought Turtles were creepy. lol

I have Pond Turtles over here, wild ones that migrate to the little lake behind my property and to my neighbors, yep, pond! lol

Sometimes I find them journeying along and I give them a boost by walking them up to the pond. A few hundred yards is a LONG way when your legs are only 2 inches long. :-)

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