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Ladies, do you have any tried and true natural remedies for the symptoms of PMS?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) July 9th, 2011

PMS usually sneaks up on me and I don’t realize it until I have had a total meltdown. I am not interested in going on any prescription meds, but I would like to try any herbal or natural remedies that have worked.

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Soymilk,and I know this sounds like the opposite of what you probably want to do, but cut out the processed sugar in your diet.

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Take 500 IU of Vit. E daily, along with 200–500MGs. of Vit. B6 ( Pyradoxine)
Cut waaay back on Caffeine, and you will feel great!
Vit. E is very good for the reproductive system, B6 ( and all the B vitamins ) for the nervous system and low or no caffeine prevents breast tenderness and reduces water retention.

Try it for a month and I promise you it WILL make a noticeable difference in how you feel.

The caffeine is VERY important and this includes coffee, tea, sodas, etc.

I switched to a half caff. blend so I could still have 2 or 3 cups but was only equal to about 1 and a half cups daily.

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Several women I know swear by raspberry leaf tea. But you have to drink a fair amount of it.

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I can’t stand pot but when desperate to fall asleep then I’d smoke some because it lessened the cramping.

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I had great, great relief with evening primrose oil.

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I think it was Queen Elizabeth who use to smoke weed for her PMS. But you might get drug tested or just not want to smoke it because of your own reasons it or you just don’t want to get in trouble. I’d say go to your closest organic store and ask them.

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