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Minecraft server, can't connect via external IP?

Asked by XOIIO (18244points) July 9th, 2011

I got my minecraft server starting with more ram, but when I try to connect from my laptop using the IP it doesn’t work. I have the actual server hooked to the internet via an ethernet crossover cable sharing the internet to the minecraft server. Is this messing up my connection? I need to know how to set this up ASAP.I have the ports cleared in the firewall.

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If the Minecraft server is on your local network and you are trying to access it with an external IP address, this may not work because many routers block loopback traffic.

Connect with 192.168.1.* to verify that the server is running, and use this tool to check if the port is open from an external IP. Then call a friend to test the server from a Minecraft client using the external address.

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Well I got it to work, I had tried a wifi card in the sever but that didnt work so I routed it through Ethernet. I found another wifi card that did work and now I works great!

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Oh yeah, I had to hook a linksys router to our existing wifi router because 2wire is a peice of shit.

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