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No winter biome in Minecraft server?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) November 15th, 2011

Alright, so I’ve gotten around a large area of the server, and with all the buildings and whatnot it’s over 60 megabytes, but this is waht is confusing me. I can’t find a winter biome! I really want a winter area, specifically a mountain range, but I haven’t seen a spec of snow or ice. Is there some reason it wouldn’t have been generated?

If it doesn’t appear in server maps, or aside, is there a map editor that allows me to create mountain ranges? I could winterize them a bit with the /snow command, but a tool to make a mountain range would be usefull.

Also, if I use the command to make it snow in one area, will it naturally snow like in a biome after a while?

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What version is your server? Notch took the biomes out for one of the updates, and if you’re running that one (or the area you’ve explored was during that update), winter biomes might not show up right away.

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Yeah, I found that out, it’s 1.8, but i made the mountain area anyway. I figure if cover it in snow it might change that area.

Also, new MC sounds suck!

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I rather like the new noises. Although I miss Steve’s signature “OOF!”.

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@jellyfish3232 The chests are good now in 1.0, but doors/hinges really suck, same with the arrow, and the pain one is a shame to see go, I hope the old door sounds come back.

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will it help?

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