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Is Syntha-6 an okay/good dinner replacement?

Asked by erint23 (35points) July 10th, 2011

I finish work late and when I get home after a work out it is normally 10–10:30pm and still eating normal dinner food without much carbs but realise the fat is not shedding. A friend of mine recommended replacing dinner with Syntha-6 as a meal replacement as it has slow digesting protein that can last me through my sleep and for it’s awesome taste. Just wondering what are the gym junkies take on this?

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Assuming you’re going to sleep at vaguely normal hours, that is very late to be eating much of anything. It’s hard for the body to digest things while you sleep and it can make your sleep more restless. Maybe you can tweak your schedule to get a meal in the evening well before your workout?

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Mmm, cause i read that one should always eat something after a work out, and i normally sleep around 12:30am/1am and wake up about 8am the next day. not the best sleeping time, trying to tweak it but work hours + working out hours = later sleeping time. :(

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I’m guessing you’re talking about BSN’s Syntha-6, the protein supplement. It’s a great product and I’ve used it for almost half a year now. If you want to switch an after workout meal/supper with a protein shake or drink, that should be totally fine. You’re body is going to use the protein intake you’re ingesting to repair your muscles while you sleep. Also, as long as your have a healthy type drink with it, I find fortified soy milk with either mixed berries or a banana/strawberry combination is awesome, you should have a low-calorie and low-fat meal replacement.

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hey @Schroedes13 – thank you for the head’s up! I’ve asked around a bit too, and they told me it’s already really sweet. Oh, i forgot to mention that i’m female – i understand that i won’t bulk up as i don’t have enough testosterone for that, just looking to get more muscle definition and torch the fats with cardio, weights and interval training. i actually lost about 16kgs but put on 10kgs after i started working – sedentary lifestyle is such a pain really. injured my knee too, so sometimes it gets inflamed and doing HIIT becomes painful. :(

I’ll probably blitz it with water and ice! so it’ll be like a chocolate frappe! but berries in it sounds fab! :) Thanks!

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Sorry for the assumed gender!! my bad. lol just another heads up, if you haven’t already get your knee checked out. I’ve seen far too many friends wreck themselves because of a minor injury that they just tried to make go away without doing rehab and it affected them greatly in the short term and long term!

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@Schroedes13 hahah! It’s ok, really! I know a lot of women who don’t gym nor take protein shakes. :) I have gotten my knee checked out actually, about 3 years back. in fact, it’s been operated on and hence it is not functioning at full capacity. i had a meniscus discoid problem, so they had to trim away the excess meniscus but the problem with it was that technology has not yet define what is the exact amount to trim, it is up to the surgeon (and his luck), i went for an MRI earlier this year and found out it was a little too over-trimmed. so the empty area tend to build fluid up and because i used to do a lot of plyrometrics and HIIT before my injury – my knee was already a little bruised but without the meniscus cushioning, it got more bruised. hence, the constant inflammation every now and again.

but i looooooooove kickboxing and jumping lunges. they’re the best way to tone and shape up legs! i guess i have to find an alternative and keep to a stricter diet since i can no longer go all out! :(

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I would say go to a physiotherapist and ask them about low-impact workouts for your legs. If you keep exercising and brutalizing the knee like that, it’s only going to culminate in an even worse injury and/or long term, far more serious consequences

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@Schroedes13 i have actually, and have been working on the “tear drop muscle” cause my outer quads are stronger than the inner one and tends to pull the patella outwards. i know.. i’m a sucker for high impact stuff. i used to wake board weekly, now it’s like a bi-annual affair!

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lol well at least you’re being proactive about it. Just be careful! That’s the biggest thing!

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Eating right before bed will not help you shed pounds. When you go to sleep your digestive system is also resting and not as effective at breaking down your food. (And because your’re sleeping you’re not going to burn any calories taht you just consumed)

Aside from causing mild discomfort in the morning when you wake up, you’re also giving a challenge to your gut that becomes more difficult overtime.

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Mm.. i’ll be having it about 2–3 hours before bed time, you reckon it’s ok?

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My take on it is I’ve taken MANY types of protein and Syn6 is not worth the cost in flavor or effects… There are many others that taste as good and better, and will treat your bod the same way.

Eating a shake before bed in substitution of dinner won’t necessarily help you “shed,” weight. You need to cut calories from every meal you normally have. If you are in a not-gaining/not-losing cycle, then you are breaking even calorie wise, and you should cut more calories than just din-din. If you are in a gaining weight cycle, you need to cut even MORE calories.

Of course, if you don’t want to give up all the good food, doing lots more exercise will also help you get closer to your goal. And drinking a protein shake before bed will help in building muscle from that exercise (which in turn will help burn fat, but not necessarily lose lbs.)

You need to ask more questions and explore more than a meal replacement shake for dinner ;)

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hi @mrrich724 what other brand of protein shake do you recommend that is low on carbs but full on flavor? i’ve tried another brand, didn’t like it, tasted like chalk water. i tried dymatize, that was yummy but i read somewhere that it ran into some health authority problems. at the moment, i am increasing my cardio and cutting carbs from lunch and dinner (mainly get my carbs from fruits for snacks between lunch and dinner) and not taking processed food like the yummilicious chunky chocolate chip cookies! i know weight loss need patient, and i’m doing this and tweaking my exercise so it doesn’t get used to doing the same stuff different day! :)

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There is a low cal/carb muscle milk that taste really good. I am taking one called “100% Whey, from the makers of Muscle Milk,” which you can buy at Costco for really cheap. It has 2g carbs and 2g fat per serving. It was 36 bucks for a 5 lb bag.

THE BEST is Syntrax a protein made from fruit nectar so it’s naturally 0 fat and 0 carbs. But this one is definitely on the pricey side, if at the end of the day cost isn’t a big deal to you.

My roomie worked in the stock room at for two years, so we had a (literally) whole living room full of varieties of protein. At the end, if you stick with any major brand, it will be quality, but Syntrax and Muscle Milk have been by far the tastiest. We experimented with lots of protein in college. LOL

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@mrrich724 I love I’ve gotten so many awesome exercises/plans from that site! I personally am a big fan of BSN’s product line. I love their NO-Xplode and syntha-6 protein powder.

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@mrrich724 I love too! haha, i just gotten my supply of syntha-6, and will probably take it as a meal replacement on days that i exercise. i heard one of the side effect is flatulence and i’m not sure if i wanna be popping gas the whole day for a week or something.

@Schroedes13 i am still new to so i’m still figuring my way out through that site for work outs and stuff! :)

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@erint23 if you need any help, just fire me a message. I go on it all the time at work. lol

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