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Can you cry under water?

Asked by msbcd (450points) July 11th, 2011

I’ve always thought about that

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I don’t see why not. The tears would just mix with the water pretty much instantly, I would think.
Is there a specific reason that you think it wouldn’t be possible?

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I know for a fact that you can cry underwater. Also, you can cry in a shower, in an airplane, upside down. in your sleep, and while running.

Not all of these are from personal experience.

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Good question. My daughter and I were swimming tonight. She was holding on to my back as I was diving into the water. It made her laugh so hard she asked me to stop. I would think if you could laugh underwater you could cry.

I cry very easily. I’ll give it a test for you tomorrow if you want.

I have cried in the shower, many times.

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Perhaps, especially if one is wearing SCUBA gear or is in a submarine. ;-)

It could be that if one is deep enough underwater, the water pressure would block the tear ducts from emitting tears, unless one was able to burst into tears with volcanic force.

I’ve never done it, and I’m a fluent crier.
However, I’ve never felt like crying when I was underwater.
Next time I go swimming, I’ll bring my waterproof copy of The Ugly Duckling. ;-)

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@ANef_is_Enuf It’s just something I’ve never really experienced. I don’t see why not, but it still something to think about.

@jonsblond That sounds lovely. Give it a shot tomorrow, always good to know :)

@Brian1946 I think that’s just it. I’ve never really had a reason to cry under water. lol have fun reading!

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yes, humans can produce lacrimal secretions under water!

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“I’ve never really had a reason to cry under water.”

Same here. I’ve done lots of crying and lots of swimming, but for reason I’ve never done them together.

I guess it’s just way more convenient and safe to watch sadness in much drier places. ;-p

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It seems that you can yes, although I can’t see any situation where this would be an option.
I mean, even if a great white was bearing down on me I wouldn’t cry, scream like a girl yes, but weep…...

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You might have to squeeze them out harder the same way peeing underwater seems to require more ‘pushing’ “ahem”

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Yes you can. No one will notice because the tears would mix with the water so you cant see them!

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