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Why is raspberry candy mainly blue?

Asked by shego (11083points) July 12th, 2011

Just curious, because very rarely do I come across raspberry candy that is the reddish color of a raspberry. All the other candy seems to match the color of the fruit it’s imitating.
Does it sit in the same category as the “dairy fairy” and the “chocolate milk cow?” Because I have never seen a blue raspberry.

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My best guess would be because red candies pretty much give you the expectation of cherry or strawberry flavor. Blue wasn’t really taken by any other color association. Black raspberry would just be unappetizing.

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Actually, blue coloring means “blue raspberry”, which is a different taste than raspberry. As far as I can tell, blue raspberry is a flavor that can only be found with the help of a lab. But I’ve seen tons of regular raspberry candies and icies and what have you in a darker pinkish red, right next to the lighter pinkish red of strawberries and the fire engine red of cherries.

EDIT: Or, blue raspberry comes from the Rubus leucodermis (aka Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Blackcap Raspberry, and Whitebark Raspberry), which is a different raspberry species from the more common Red Raspberry (which if you’re buying in stores as the actual fruit, not flavoring, is a hybrid of European and American Red Raspberries).

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Apparently it is different from the red raspberry flavor.

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I’ve never seen a blue raspberry candy. Must be an American thing. I don’t even know why I’m calling them ‘candy’ right now.
Is this an Inception? Get out of my BRAIN!!!!

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if you dont call it candy, what do you call it?

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I’m guessing “sweets” or “sweeties”

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