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What do you think of Night Clubs?

Asked by the_overthinker (1504points) February 21st, 2012

Some people have different reasons for going clubbing. What’s yours? Why do you (did you), or don’t you go? And if you dislike it, have you tried? Or why do you like them?

Some may go for dancing with friends, some may go to hit on others.. Some just like to party..etc.

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I like to drink and I like to dance. My best ladyfriend and I dress up in really nice clothes, go to the super trashy clubs where lots of booty-grinding goes on, and we get trashed and swingdance. It’s a load of fun. We’ve met tons of interesting people. Like 8 foot tall transvestites who we smoked clove cigarettes with, and a guy who looked like Gimly from Lord of the Rings. I used to be one of those people who hated the idea of clubbing because I thought it was pointless and disgusting and because I didn’t like to dance. I just wasn’t approaching it with the right attitude or going with the right people.

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I love it, but I used to think it was stupid.

You just have to have the right attitude. If you go thinking that everyone is there trying to get laid, you will likely think it is lame and stupid.

If you go with the attitude people are there to dress up a little and dance, and blow off some steam, you will likely have a great time.

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Thanks for sharing.

I used to be uninterested in clubbing. I didn’t really want to try it, and mainly avoided the club scene because I didn’t really know how to dance.

I didn’t really judge people who liked to go clubbing though – they can do what they want, whatever they enjoy.

But after giving it a chance, I think it’s quite enjoyable. Going with a few friends, and just dancing away. T’is a good feeling.

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I was answering this and got sidetracked and changed pages… I don’t go to night clubs now. Used to (longer ago than I care to think about).

I absolutely get what @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard is saying though. I loved going to clubs where people were not pretentious. Where the focus wasn’t on ‘what are you wearing’ but was on the music, having fun, meeting people. I often did go to these clubs after being at one of the more ‘pretentious’ clubs, so I might be very dressed up, but then you could let your hair down and have a ball. I am from Manchester in the UK which is/was apparently a hot spot for clubbing. I used to go to the Hacienda in its very early days.

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I’m not as excited about dancing anymore, but I do like to go and talk and observe people.

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At a certain point when you’ve had a few drinks and you’re dancing your ass off, it’s really fun. I’m not normally a high-energy person, but when I get into that party mindset pretty much nothing can stop me from dancing. Around here there are a lot of expensive and pretentious places with dress codes, lines at the door, a cover to get in, bottle service, etc. I think all that stuff just gets in the way of having fun. It’s more fun to see a band or go dancing somewhere cheap and casual.

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I used to go and enjoy it, but then my anxiety got worse, and one of the main triggers is sensory overload. Any place that has lots of people + lots of noise/flashing lights is a no-go for me, now. I still like to listen to live music at bars, but even then I have to go outside every now and again to calm down. Give me a corner pub, and I’m a happy girl.

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I hate them. They are dark, noisy and disorientating and you can’t hear what anyone is saying.

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I never liked them, even when I was younger. As much as I love music, and I used to like to dance – they were always way too loud.

All night, people are trying to talk to me and either I can only see their lips moving or they sound like the parents from Peanuts. “What? WHAT?!”

And it didn’t help that I don’t really drink.

So, after a few trips I gave up and never went again.

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I like them if I’m with friends, I like drinking and dancing. But I usually hate the music. There are no decent rock clubs around here any more.

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When I was younger I loved to go out dancing in the clubs. I don’t drink alcohol so it wasn’t an expensive night for me. I generally went with my dance partner and a bunch of friends. We were friendly but we mostly kept to ourselves. I did meet some nice people in the clubs but I always suspected most of the guys there were not my type—nerdy non-drinking professionals.

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I’d rather have a nice quiet bar where everyone knows my name.. yes.. like Cheers.

Clubs are great on occasion, when the mood is right though.

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I’ve been a few times, always felt like I was out of place. Not so much as someone visiting another country as someone visiting an anthill.

I do like to meet people, but never actually had that happen at a club. The noise! Arg! How can you talk?

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Oh I love going clubbing… I’ve only done it twice and last weekend me and my girlfriends tried again but unfortunately we weren’t allowed in because we are too young. We are 17/18/19 and the age limit and the hottest club right now is 22. We will try again this weekend and see what happens. It sucks though not being able to get in because I gotta get myself a fake ID or borrow someone else’s.
I go clubbing because its fun, I get to drink (some free beer from dudes), dance the night away and meet people.

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Fun as an occasional diversion, but boring over the long haul.

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I’ve never cared for the noise, the crowding, the politics of being able to be admitted at the door, the smoke, the cost for drinks. Such an environment has never been conducive to good conversations.

As an intelligent adult with ADD, I am not at my best in such situations.

If clubbing is fun for you and causes you no serious problems, then by all means enjoy!

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When I was young, I was never happy with the results of my night club trips. I wanted to get laid and I never did.

Now that I’m older, I’m no longer into loud music and I can’t stay up that late at night. An earlier night club with good music to dance to might be nice. I don’t really need the booze. I don’t need to pick anyone up any more.

But I prefer places with live music and where the seen is more about having fun than seeing and being seen and looking the hottest.

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I like to dance, with my friends.
However, I really really dislike the creepers who rub their hands
together, lick their lips, undress you with their eyes, and drop some lame
line. haha.

I don’t go as much as I once did.

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Night clubs were always too loud, too obnoxious and too dirty for me to enjoy myself. Give me a pub any day of the week over a club.

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Scene, not seen. I can’t believe I did that!

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